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Short Story / Science Fiction

March 17, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Lionel's wife dies in a car accident, leaving him with his son Oscar. Fourteen years later, Lionel never recovered from his grief. However, when Oscar falls fatally ill, there are events that will change the life of all mankind. Read More
This is a story about a girl that is trapped by an experiment from an alien that can hide. She is running until it is dead. But how long can she run? Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

A picture-prompted write. Pic: Miles To Go Before I Sleep by Beeple. Thanks to Jeff Bezaire for the inspiration. Read More

Tags: home, alien, strange

Short Story / Horror

January 04, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

For the flash prompt "It grew from a seed" Read More
This is a story about a man that stumbled upon something that is buried underneath his own property. The consequences of his finding will rob him of his life. The actions of this will affect the lives of others following the incident that happened in Michigan during one winter year. Read More
The Signal is a science fiction short story that deals with the human need for an escape and the sacrifices made for the greater good. Revealing society's faults by dividing a line between the hopefulness for progress or the inevitable downfall of humanity due to our own wrongdoings. A young… Read More
A missing person in Colorado, a close encounter in a small town in the Pacific Northwest and reports of intelligent life coming from outer-space. Read More
This is the 1st novel in the H A T O series that takes place in the character known as Hato Livelda before he became a leader of the Aojeernar. He is faced with many challenges and obstacles that will try to kill him at every turn... Can he… Read More
the circus folk have been forced into an uneasy alliance with the vandals in order to prevent the former vampiric mayor of lakos from creating more vampires all over the world. Read More
The Vandals have been beaten out of Lakos by the friendly but mysterious Circus folk. However they will not rest until they have their hands on the book of Khastran, and a new threat has emerged. That of the former Mayor of the town, no reborn as the first… Read More
Princess Azenelia of the Kingdom of Nylum is in a bind. Usurped and exiled from her home planet, she must enlist the help of newfound companions in order to survive and pursue a living legend to find her way home. Read More
A woman on vacation at their cabin begins talking to her thoughts and things get all out hand scaring me then saddening me as they told what they did. What actually did happen and the explanation of all thought on the part of the author that you may need… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What if aliens arrive on earth? What if they need help? Will we help them? For What will we help them? Find the answer in the story. Read More
Mugi's childhood was being a gladiator and home-terrorist to his on planet. Now he has the opportunity to save it, but he must over come the backlash and 8 champions. Read More

Tags: teen, aliens, alien, rough, mugi

This is a story about a man who hears a fallen meteor crash into the ground near his house. Then the change happens as it follows another story that mends it altogether. Read More
A young man attempts to make contact with an alien. He experiences surprising results. Read More
This story deals with the Mr. S. Who has the telepathy brain? How he saves from self? It is a story. Read More
A young child finds himself on a spaceship. Alone, he begins making voice recordings as he watches the Earth below. Read More
Kelly Titan is the beginning of a science fiction universe where the reader will explore the origin story of a supervillain with a mental disorder and a deep understanding of AI programming. However, many antagonists start their journey as someone good, but the perspective will change over the course… Read More
An exploration of the human mind with a Sci-fi twist. Inspired by the Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. Read More
Neptar, a planet long forgotten through time. It's inhabitants have endured trail after trial, but none as great or as powerful as this. Join Mistery in his quest to stop an ancient evil from arising and bringing an end to Neptar. Watch as Mistery's story unfolds and his life… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

(Reader discretion is advised for scenes of bloody violence and brief nudity) After a crime boss is murdered, Salma calls together the syndicate to solve the death of her husband. What they uncover leads to a traitor, a cult, and a creature which lives in the forest.… Read More

Tags: mystery, crime, alien, boss, mob

It is the story about chameleon. Read More
One day, Nick was telepathically led to meet this man from the outer space. There from him he learns significant messages that will change his life dramatically.. Read More
It's an after Earth Sci-Fi that's funny and truly entertaining. For more information please feel free to read it. I can't say anything more than I have or I'll spoil everything. Don't take my word for it, just jump into it. Read More

Tags: crazy, alien, teens, funny

Draco wakes up in the streets of New Alexandria not remembering what happened, but he knows that aliens had invaded the planet and he will have to struggle to survive. As he goes on he meets new friends and foes and will put his strength to test as he… Read More
my short chapters follow a 17 year old boy named mika. for the first time in 13 years he sees his birth parents, except there’s a catch his parents are from another world and so is he. with this, however comes a strange set of powers and a task… Read More
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