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Agnis just wanted a quiet life. She just wanted to read her books. She didn't ask for the alien guy to fall in love with her. Balwan couldn't possibly take this human girl to his parents. They would kill him. All he wanted to do was go home. could these… Read More

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“Chambers, don't get on that ship! The rest of the book, To Serve Man, it's... it's a cookbook!" – The Twilight Zone, season 3, episode 24. Read More

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Hal Bannerman, commander of a squadron in the U S Army elite Delta Force, acquires super powers in order to accomplish an other worldly mission Read More
after his daughter tries to kill him, the banker sets out to steal the primordial zeto crystal from the empath to bring his daughter back to life. Read More
President Jame's Junior of Halley's Comet takes UN Secretary General Lisa Gyne and 6 alien delegates on a tour across Halley's Comet. Read More
A piece spawned via muse of a vision? ... A hallucination? ... Over worked imagination? ... Having watched too much Star Trek and far too little Leave It To Beaver? ... Could be ... Yet, this oddity of a poem came into my mind's eye in a matter of split… Read More
When you pay $16 million dollars to have a ride in a real-life spaceship, the last thing you want is for the astronaut piloting the spacecraft to have a heart attack - and die! Read More

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Representative Rangoon of Njorna and his girlfriend, President Stephany of the Jvorda Republic, are taken to an obstacle course on Kyeska with the other delegates. They are suddenly attacked by a six legged wolf. But will they survive the attack? Read More

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Deep within the Andromeda galaxy lies the planet Ava, home to the proud Avias race. When a hatchling is born with the power to bring devastation to all who look into her eyes, the god, Charano, also known as The Great Eye, decides to utilize her abilities to expand his… Read More
Emperor Janaung of Chen Ya and his alien delegates go out to have a few drinks at a bar in Myesh. When they are confronted by an angry Elnstarna and his band of wizards over wanting his ex-girlfriend back. But can Janaung and his alien delegates survive a Wizards' Bar… Read More
A creepy story from Mars. Read More
The Guardians, huge robots that protected humanity; now deactivated. A group of aliens, cunning creatures; implanting spies amongst the humans. The Fossils, organic creations; built to destroy. And two children, who can't even begin to comprehend what they've got themselves into. Read More
UN Secretary General Lisa Gyne and her Representatives of the Human Race are taken on a tour of the United Confederation of Nations. Read More
This is the story of fraternal twin teens who know nothing of the prophesy they are destined to fulfill. Set on the world of Gotaway, an earthlike planet in a system over a hundred-thousand lightyears from our own world. These young protagonists are thrust into an epic adventure after finding… Read More

Poem / Science Fiction

October 03, 2020

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Sci-Fi outer-space alien discovery poem/short story. I'm thinking this will likely appeal more to ages 12 to 16 or there about than to adults... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Lieutenant Juleyen Matora is sent by the Empress of Kreton to capture the Lady Apocalypse and shut down the Apocalypse Empire in order to save the Milky Way Galaxy and the Empire of the Magic Coins. Read More
With the death of her parents, Claudia Belle has been sent to live with her grandfather. He's the principal of the local high school and shares Claudia's unnatural gift. While she can learn a lot from the man. Her chance passes too fast, when her grandfather is found dead. Once… Read More
A spy is sent on a mission to an enemy planet, but not everything goes as planned. Read More
Secretary General Keilesha Madre of the United Alliance of Humans and Giants and his protector, a teenage giantess named Milassa Shahn, take a couple of alien giantesses on a hiking trip through the Daunshau National Park. One of the alien giantesses falls in love with the Varian Giant Rider. Read More
Prompt: Aliens have invaded and are taking over. Their technology, intelligence, and power is unstoppable. They just didnt plan on one thing: The old gods returning. Read More
A humorous tale of an elderly couple who take a walk in the park where they encounter some unusual weather and argue about the existence of aliens. Read More
Should they contact us --that would be a great event. My poem. Read More
Secretary General Kailera Brahn of the Segra Susma take the alien delegates on a tour of the Kardosh City Spring Festival on a planet inhabited by large humanoid snails. There he falls in love with a fellow alien hermaphrodite from Planet Berret. Can Tonan and Zebreda save his people from… Read More
A robotic insectoid-like alien being named "One" crash lands in the state of Vermont of the U.S. Trying to convert the human inhabitants to join their hive mind society called the "Collective", One learns more about human society and how it compares to their own. However, other forces conspire against… Read More
Did an ancient alien race of Cat People build the Pyramids? Did they also introduce the autism gene into human DNA? In Cats of the Pyramids, Paul Nelson combines science, science fiction, fantasy and spirituality. This is the first book in an upcoming series. It is great, safe adventure for… Read More

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