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The world ended and Ollie can't remember. All she remembers is the life she's lead with a Man called Lem. Living a hard, repetitive life, she is stuck in perpetual frustration as Lem continuously denies her answers to the past, thwarting her every attempt to leave the farm he has… Read More
Earth has fallen to volatile creatures but Roa is interested only in one thing: her daughter. Lana, an old friend, must struggle to help her friend get the girl back before the last ship leaves and they're doomed to remain on the planet. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What would happen if “God” turned out to be something very different then the accepted theory? What if man has completely misunderstood their own history? What if history was not judged by the victors, but by those who lend aid in the silence of there own universal sense of obligation… Read More
Byron never thought much about how weird it was for everyone to be afraid of his mom. In fact, he never really noticed it until he meets one of his mother's friends and their children. What's this AWG? What do you mean his mother was part of an all… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The children were geniuses, their teachers not so much. Why were they there at all? (6,250 words - 14 chapters). Image by Beate Bachmann from Pixabay. Read More

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"Good Grief Adam! How much research, time and effort did you put into Godel!? This is great coding. Sadly, coding isn't really my bag (remember ..." Read More

Zingrobian adventurer Zork lands on a wondrous world ripe for exploration. If only its inhabitants were just as wondrous. Read More
Gold or Silver? One represents achievement, success, wealth, and power, while the other is a passive mockery of someone who just felt short of. Step one to reaching the former, be rid of your heart for compassion is nothing more than a weakness, a chip in the system. For Silver… Read More
After winning the Cyborg Bovine war and bringing peace to the world, Charad is the only one who fears that change for the better is something that you need to keep fighting for, but his time as a human being is limited. As the technology is already available and only… Read More
What if you were to wake up and find you had space-shifted overnight into something exactly wrong for your situation? That is how Quist, personal assistant to the -Ruler of the Universe- starts his day, this day, when he wakes up as a gerbil . . . Read More
Taking place shortly after the story entitled, The Broadcast. Can be read stand alone. Read More
A loose continuation of another story I wrote, The Late Arrival. Read More
Lyle Beech moves in to his late parents home and is subsequently taken to an alien planet. Read More
An army officer investigates the deaths of US military personnel in Britain. Slowly she pieces the mystery together, visiting SW England, Wales, and London. However, the case does not stop there. More details unfold back in the United States when the FBI becomes involved, Together, what they discover is beyond… Read More
Long past the time of Earth, mankind found its way to Canis. As they spread through their new home, one alien civilization after another was annexed into the People's Republic, or destroyed through frightening biological warfare. Just when they thought the final battle had been won and peace would last,… Read More
The chair, the room, the alien. Read More

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I looked out the window and saw something that both amazed me and terrified me. It was beautiful. I had never seen anything like it. But it was a grim reminder that I was stuck. I was never going home. I could never see Halley again. Her beautiful blue eyes… Read More
There is a monster on the loose :) Read More

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This is a description of the two times i've seen things in the sky that i couldn't explain what they were. Read More

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One hundred years in the future. AIs so smart they run the world. An academic discipline trying to interpret their thinking - in terms mere humans can grasp. Starship-drones explore our stellar neighbourhood. They've found a radically-strange alien. And in Israel, in Haifa, student journalist Magda is ready to interview… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A space story about the many ventures that the Grafters attempt. Some work out well, others, not so much. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The title says it all. Read More

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Short Story / Humor

March 13, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Alien astronauts theorist predict..... laughs. Just a little fun story. Read More
When a small farming village in the middle of nowhere is briefly made famous over a mystery illness from space, a hermit mathematician, an amateur mountain climber and her estranged husband become the only people in a position to save the world from annihilation. Read More
What would it be like to be abducted by aliens? How might your mind interpret the experience? Read More

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