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What would happen if “God” turned out to be something very different then the accepted theory? What if man has completely misunderstood their own history? What if history was not judged by the victors, but by those who lend aid in the silence of there own universal sense of obligation… Read More

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Logan is an average college senior. But his life is changed when he is given amazing abilities. And when his best friend is murdered, consumed by anger and a desire to honor his friend, Logan becomes a nighttime vigilante and dedicates his life to fighting crime and injustice. Read More
Book is finished except for editing. In the Year 2229, the technologically altered Gill Rune pursues the alien hunting group the G.E and their mysterious benefactor, Malphas. At the same time, he tries to be a father to his toddler daughter, Sydnie. Meanwhile, an unsuspecting young girl named Wendy gets… Read More
Byron never thought much about how weird it was for everyone to be afraid of his mom. In fact, he never really noticed it until he meets one of his mother's friends and their children. What's this AWG? What do you mean his mother was part of an all… Read More

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BLURB: Basically, this dude gets kidnapped by aliens and his hot genius girlfriend who works for NASA is trying to build something to bring him back. Meanwhile, the dude, who's name is Tanner, is revolting with his fellow prisoners on the spaceship, the S.T.S. Euphoria Read More
An incurable disease destroys the world and the entire human race, apart from you, your second in command and three mysterious strangers, all of whom seem to be able to resist the sickness known as the "Culling." Saying goodbye to the earth is scary enough, but being sealed into a… Read More
worried about people from other countries, invading yours, what about if they came from another galaxy Read More
Are there places beyond heaven and depths below hell? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

At earth's doorstep, an extinction level event... A terrified world watches helplessly as a hostile alien race constructs a mega structure to harness the sun's energy which will be used to terra-form the moon, making it habitable for their species. Mankind names it "the Nemesis Vector". Unless the aliens… Read More

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"Hi Bo So far what an explosive and exciting beginning to this Science Fiction jamboree. I'm enjoying the blend of different genres and shorts..." Read More

The famous streets of Las Vegas have gone quiet: the crowds of eager visitors replaced by darkness, silence, and dust. When the Visitors arrived, unheralded and unfamiliar, they met with world leaders and held press conferences: assuring everyone of great things to come. But — for some reason — Noah… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This novella takes place in an alternate reality of the Xeno Relations series. Lost in Space went in one direction, while the final series went in another. It tells the story of gigantic Verdante children and other humans living on the Verdante home planet. In Lost in Space, drug abuse… Read More
Annabel believes that she is a normal person. That is until her ex-boyfriend goes missing and she's attacked by three aliens. Suddenly she's a half breed, a clone thing grown and infused with alien power in order to defend Earth from an invasion that's been happening covertly for the last… Read More
To read my other stories search AEOLUS REVOLUTION on GOOGLE Read More
At Kalusa, an important node station along the great star road, the wonderwalls had spoken to the Rohden, the people of light. An enchantment from beyond the inverted universe had passed into the realm of living beings. Later the Rohden rescued an alien, a being seemingly deficient in all knowing,… Read More
(Book 1) Ryder, a girl from the planet Traker, is captured by an unknown creature from an unidentified alien race that spans millions of years. She is tortured to be the next in line for the throne of Yakter. When a young woman finds the original girl's remains centuries later,… Read More
In the pilot, The Neucomers arrive to their new home...Earth. But, everything doesn't seem to go as planned. Read More
This is my story for day ten of my flash fiction challenge. I didn't post a story for day nine because I wants satisfied by the story I wrote for yesterday's prompt. I hope you enjoy this short Sci Fi adventure. Read More
A story that speaks about heroism and friendship, about how we can make a different to the world if we just really want to. And how ourselves can make an impact to the world to change it all together. This story aims to make you tear in the end,as it… Read More

Short Story / Horror

September 25, 2018

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The story of one of the many survivors of a quarantine breach on an isolated spaceship in unknown areas. She quickly meets her demise to a soulless creature, the Xenomorph. (Yes, this story is based off the Xenomorphs created from the film Aliens, I decided to do this after dipping… Read More
Interdemensional aliens are worshipped as gods by the people of earth in the far future. Read More

Book / Science Fiction

September 11, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

In a life without time, Annie was left waiting. Upon a chance rescue, she and the other ones that had been experimented on, she is taken outside the facility for the first time in her memory, only find how limited her knowledge is, and that the outside word is… Read More
After helping them defeat the evil Vandals, Mestron and Ashlei have joined the Circus folk on their journey's through time and space. However their first journey takes them to a dead planet, filled with nightmarish creatures and a strange glowing city beneath the planets surface. What is… Read More
a major sci-fi geek is about to experience a whole new meaning. Read More

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A man wakes up in a tube. That he had a bloodied hand and that there is a crack in the glass tube are the only things he knows. Not being able to speak and not remembering his past he needs to find a way out. His only companion… Read More
Mugi's childhood was being a gladiator and home-terrorist to his on planet. Now he has the opportunity to save it, but he must over come the backlash and 8 champions. Read More

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Ray Wilson is recounting the strange occurrences he experiences at night. Is this really happening to him or is he just plain crazy. Read More
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