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a man named andrew gray was abandoned by his mother. andrew’s stepfather took care of him andrew always wondered who his father was. one night andrew and his wife annabelle are attacked by a vampire. andrew is left for dead. a vampire named nicholas finds andrew and he turns andrew… Read More
It takes place in the year 2028, 5 years after the war between aliens and humans. There are only 4 survivors and they must try to stay alive and try to regain some kind of normalcy. Read More

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how will we deal with diversity in the human family after we have common knowledge of aliens visiting our world? Read More
Far, Far, Away some 857 light years away, is the home world of the Draak. The Draak are sentient and very intelligent humanoid reptilians. They are smart, peaceful, and comfortable with their matriarch-based culture. As an advanced space faring race, they long ago left the lakes and ponds to conduct… Read More
A writer recounts his association with a mysterious scientist. Read More
This is a scientific fiction. Long long time after, sun will go to its destination finally. When that time comes, earth is no longer suitable for livings for any creatures any longer, including human beings. In order to rescue earth and all the creatures on earth, the union government plans… Read More
Are YOU tired of your day-to-day? Are YOU despondent, despaired, or even destructive in your surroundings? Do you think you would be better served FEEDING an alien microbe organism as it reconstructs your body from the inside out for it's own purposes? Look no further than this SIMPLE, EASY guide… Read More
A short conversation based story. I used a prompt from a Review Chain house contest (that I didn’t enter). Read More

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April 22, 2022

Kyle knew he was adopted, but he does not know who his biological parents are. Kyle’s biological mother abandon him to protect him from his father’s enemies. Kyle always felt different. Kyle met a woman name, Cassie. Kyle does not know anything about Cassie. Kyle fall in love with Cassie.… Read More

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April 13, 2022

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Extinction is a story filled with action and adventure. A story that starts here in the present day - and that takes us on a journey through time to 67 million years ago and across the galaxy. Extinction is the story of the fight to save humanity and our future.… Read More
A lonely explorer finds a potential new colony world, only loose it. Read More

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Max Taylor has been missing for months, having been abducted by aliens against his will when he was walking home from the store one night. Determined to return to his parents and the home he's always known, he makes an escape and finds a way back to Earth. But his… Read More
Art loves to skateboard! From heelflips to Ollies, he is one rad skater! So, when another skater named Zane invites him to a competition, Art says yes. But, there's something odd about the event. Maybe it's because of the location. Or the fact that a skateboarder goes right through Zane! Read More

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This is a wonderful scientific fiction. In this fiction, a scientific exploring team explores the universe and meets many interesting things. This fiction is suitable for all ages of readers. Read More
I'm a first time writer. I don't know if people will enjoy my writing style. Every is raw and unedited. Please leave me comments. I'll be updating this regularly. This book follows Rocket, a guy that feels empty, because he is unable to connect with anyone else. He is naturally… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Fred and his sister, Sarah like stargazing. But, what happens when they see a UFO in the shape of a bone? Read More

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In this romantic science fiction story, Secretary General Syella Markol of the Arkaron Nations introduces 24 year old Human Representative Lewis Steven to her eldest daughter, Gabriella, at the University Hall of Residence where Gabriella gives Lewis a ride in her marsupial pouch. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A futuristic story about a group of humans who haul freight coming in contact with a vastly superior race of beings enslaved by one of their own. The humans help them see the enslavement and free themselves. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a wonderful scientific fiction. In this fiction, a scientific exploring team explores the universe and meets many interesting things. This fiction is suitable for all ages of readers. Read More
Ride along with a crew of humans and cyborg soldiers as they navigate a re supply mission to planet Aqueous and back. A base sits at the edge of a lake on an earth like planet overrun with lizard aliens, acid rainstorms and strange artifacts. They bring weapons and crew… Read More
An alien in the form of consciousness arrives at the City of Keyander, a human off-world colony that's been built on an asteroid, where he celebrates Christmas with the Mayor of Keyander and a Representative of Earth. Read More
Kitzu was once like his other fellow drones from his Gorac colony, gathering materials from foreign worlds. It wasn't until a near-fatal attack from a large mammalian creature is where his life begins to change; When he meets a native girl from the world of Etherra where he was collecting… Read More
This is listed as an Action/Adventure short story with elements of horror and science fiction. It's in my descriptive narrative style. "Light at the bridge" is a tale of a drunk who walked up to an overpass above train tracks to kill himself late one night. He took a short… Read More
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