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A robotic insectoid-like alien being named "One" crash lands in the state of Vermont of the U.S. Trying to convert the human inhabitants to join their hive mind society called the "Collective", One learns more about human society and how it compares to their own. However, other forces conspire against… Read More
Did an ancient alien race of Cat People build the Pyramids? Did they also introduce the autism gene into human DNA? In Cats of the Pyramids, Paul Nelson combines science, science fiction, fantasy and spirituality. This is the first book in an upcoming series. It is great, safe adventure for… Read More
Hal Bannerman, commander of a squadron in the U S Army elite Delta Force, acquires super powers in order to accomplish an other worldly mission Read More
Lewis Armstrong and his girlfriend, Hajara Queen of the Kallinji gods, go to meet the four alien delegates along with her daughter, Gayalin. They take the aliens on a tour of Killinji. Andrew and the fairie's husband are the only two who can't fly. So Lewis has to be riding… Read More

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July 31, 2020

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Lies cannot stay hidden forever. The past can come back to haunt you and reveal dark secrets that were never meant to come out. Arya fights demons inside her that she doesn't understand. There is a secret, she knows it in her heart but no one dares to say it… Read More
Chapter One; explores all the exposition of a seemingly peaceful world. solar system, key parts of the science and introduces the main characters. Read More
Ish is an ex-con artist trying to go straight. Fleeing creditors, he takes his fully automated hyperspace yacht into the great unknown of uncharted space, settling on a primitive world to wait for the heat to die down. At worst, it's supposed to be a three-month forced vacation, but it… Read More
Sixteen Million Dollars to have a ride in a real-life spaceship and the pilot goes and dies on me... great! Read More

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July 25, 2020

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paul starts having flashbacks of what he initially believes to be a past life. after months of researching the things he sees in these flashbacks, following clues and learning to feel again, paul discovers a truth he couldn't have imagined. Read More
a murder investigation that cannot be called a murder investigation. Read More

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The famous streets of Las Vegas have gone quiet: the crowds of eager visitors replaced by darkness, silence, and dust. When the Visitors arrived, unheralded and unfamiliar, they met with world leaders and held press conferences: assuring everyone of great things to come. But — for some reason — Noah… Read More
With the death of her parents, Claudia Belle has been sent to live with her grandfather. He's the principal of the local high school and shares Claudia's unnatural gift. While she can learn a lot from the man. Her chance passes too fast, when her grandfather is found dead. Once… Read More
To successfully police the tens of trillions of citizens on the city world of Ciratha, thousands upon thousands of Police Officers join the force every single day. From administrators to SWAT to beat cops, the Cirathan Police Force, which numbers in the low billions, faces a crippling lack of resources… Read More
There were things Sara had been ignoring for too long, now somebody else knew would she be forced to face her fears? Read More
The fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Aliens from Planetary Welfare Services, headed by a race known as Bureaunians, appear one day to sue humans on behalf of Earth and its ecosystems. When the UN appoints Erdmann Barrister and his partner Bhumi Gupta, the pair are tasked with winning… Read More
Running from aliens? Entire station on lock-down? Eva can't take much more of this... Read More

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Nick Wolfe is a top secret agent for an uncommonly aggressive government institution. His agency works with alien abductees in an effort to preserve public safety and homeland security. A recent abductee and returned woman named, Madison Monroe falls under his charge of responsibility.. Nick finds himself uncharacteristically drawn to… Read More
I was drifting aimlessly through some darkness, unimportant images flashing across my vision. They meant nothing to me, and I was sure I’d forget them eventually. My dreams were much like my reality, I was aware of what was happening, but I was too powerless to do anything about them,… Read More
Amid a new war in the city of Darwin, the worlds above and below take a dangerous turn, when aliens invade searching for Midnight Eclipse. A powerful relic known to wipe out thousands and a weapon every nation on earth wants for themselves. Before any side can ascertain it, the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

People are the same everywhere, even when they are lizards. Read More

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"I loved this piece. Like Criss said it's very creative indeed. I engaged with the characters like the main character and Zaxar. Judging on the c..." Read More

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This is a story of what might have happened in the deep south in the year 2019. Some might think it has an X-Files feel to it. Well, i don't think Chris Carter, the creator of the X-Files reads stuff off Booksie. Read More
The release of Rangda threatens the future of humanity. But, what if, we could turn back time? The Divine Finalisation is the final book in The Divine Zetan Trilogy. It takes place straight after the events of The Divine Sedition. Hilda Muller witnesses Keila massacring the Terran Council leaders, when… Read More
Our kind crashed landed on the earth hundreds of years ago. We hid in secrecy because we knew what the human government was like. When they found us, the put us camps and dissected us. After years of testing, the human government did something we honestly did not think the… Read More

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January 11, 2020

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A High School Girl, Skylar, from a small town called Lovers, encounters an alien race who has taken her parents and many others. Skylar and her friends embark on an adventure to rescue their families before it's too late. Read More
Human Representative Sam Nelson is taken on a fishing trip on an egg shaped planet called Chamoidra, where he falls in love with the Chamoidrin Princess, Shrerrissa Brana. Read More
One lucky token and a little blarney goes a long way Read More
1st Place win at the WdC Science Fiction Short Story Contest. WdC Fantasy Newsletter Editors Pick 2/28/18. 1500 Word Short Story. A spaceman's luck is worth much more than the money in his pocket. Or is it? Read More
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