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October 01, 2023

I have a secret that I don't share with most. I've been swept up into something bigger than anything I could ever imagine, and now I'm involved with more than just this one world. Our universe is bigger and more amazing than anyone realizes. Reality is merely subjective; we judge… Read More
Secretary General Syella Markol of the Arkaron Nations carries her eldest daughter's boyfriend, Human Representative Lewis Steven, in her marsupial pouch as they hang out at the mall with her boyfriend and three daughters. Read More
In the world of Terhindir, the Deth'r'awg people, devoted to deity Ucht, struggled to survive in their rain-soaked land. A young inventor named Yeth'l created a machine harnessing rain's power, revolutionizing their lives. But as they embraced newfound comforts and conveniences, they unwittingly depleted their natural resources, leading to environmental… Read More
Greta Kharvett carries her husband, Brambo, in her marsupial pouch as they spend their 22nd anniversary at the annual spring carnival on their Marsupial Wedding Anniversary. This story is romantic. Read More
Baily and Avery were born twins, but Baily knows Avery isn't really his twin. They are creatives in a world of scientists, and end up in the wrong place, at the wrong time. They are both snatched up by slavers and taken to Slaver's Moon to be trained for their… Read More
Secretary General Syella Markol of the Arkaron Nations gives her eldest daughter's boyfriend, Human Representative Lewis Stephen, a ride in her marsupial pouch as she and her family have a marsupial family photo session at the Botanical Gardens on Planet Arkaron. Read More
Jvardadeen Lindaska and his wife, Chardeen, receives a Father's Day visit from their granddaughters, Brungur and Shallien. Brungur gives him a ride in her marsupial pouch as they spend the day at the fair. Read More
In this romantic science fiction story, Secretary General Syella Markol of the Arkaron Nations gives her boyfriend, Human Represenative Andrew Scott, a ride in her marsupial pouch as they join Admiral Jearko of the Arkaron Space Fleet, Sargeant Markola of Space Fleet Academy and his recent space fleet graduates on… Read More
Crop Circles decoded is a paper that will answer finally why crop circles exist, who makes them and why. I have studied the ufo, crop and crop circles for over 35 years. You will find my paper is the final phase of those yeas work and will answer many questions… Read More
In a quiet town, Emily's captivating stories unwittingly nourish hidden aliens populating an old people's home. As she unravels her secrets, danger looms. Can she save the unaffected elderly residents and expose the extra terrestrial presence before its too late? A thrilling mystery unfolds in Serenity Gardens. Read More
A story about first contact with an alien humanoid race and how it turns out; for the aliens. Read More
A Short Sci Fi story about Alien Abduction Interplanetary Salvation, Transmaternity. Read More
This is a scientific fiction which shows the fantasy of universe. It is suitable to all readers with different ages. Read More
A warning to aliens -- keep on going, don't stop here . . . Read More
Iris and Erier come from very different worlds - one human, and one alien. A strange twist of fate brought them together and when Erier begins to coexist with humans and Iris, the two forms an unlikely bond. Soon, they both discover that they are unwitting pawns in an evil… Read More
Remote town in Minnesota has an encounter with alien entities. A man had survived the encounter and tells his experience. Read More
The Children of Andaalwaald is the third book in the Nathan Blake Chronicles - following on from The Children of the Third Reich and The Child of Mars. The year is 2111, and the world is in turmoil. After the collapse of Imperial China ten years before, the world has… Read More
These are the events that leaves to the question of the mind. These are the events that mask the real against the unreal when the town will never be the same again. The town will never retreat to such events that are about to conspire. Read More
Sci-fi story of the exploratory earth mission of an alien Eli, necessitated by the discovery that Eli’s sun is burning out. Knowing that earth's environment is compatible with their own, the scout's mission is to determine if earth's military capabilities compare with Eli's. If inferior, earthlings will be eliminated, leaving… Read More
A mercenary squad gets a mission to arrest a scientist, who's hiding after attacking his colleagues on a mining station. A simple, by the first look, operation, however, doesn't go by plan, as during the mining process the scholar discovered an unexpected threat. Read More
In a distant solar system in a distant time, a malignant evil lurks on a deserted planet. A gentleman farmer with a less than placid past, an exotic stranger with a shocking secret, six honest smugglers, and a disaffected chieftain journey across the solar system to recover ancient artifacts and… Read More

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Picture two individuals that have never been exposed to the belief systems of Americans, when it comes to religion, the environment, and our education system. How would they perceive our incredibly ridiculous and unfounded thought processes? Instead of using individuals that grew up on a deserted island or a cave,… Read More
Agnis just wanted a quiet life. She just wanted to read her books. She didn't ask for the alien guy to fall in love with her. Balwan couldn't possibly take this human girl to his parents. They would kill him. All he wanted to do was go home. could these… Read More

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A single mother observes disturbing content on a television channel that has been static for decades. Read More
With peace talks stalled as the Xilvorean fleet hovers above Earth, Dr. Harris is tasked with giving the Xilvorean Ambassador a museum tour. What will the Xilvoreans think of Earth's treasures and history? Read More
A completed version of a short story I submitted here, Follows the story of Cynthia, a woman in a future where medical science is progressing so quickly it may be leaving her own needs behind. Read More
At the unveiling of another spectacular discovery in the Giza pyramids, Charles discovers that the pyramids are more than they appear to be. They're... alien ships. Read More

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February 04, 2023

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A slice of the story: ... based on the information gathered until now, stay away from black smoke and dark ghosts because these are the two causes of death of our loved ones in the past few months. Hoping for victory and a new beginning, together and for each other.… Read More
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