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The Enchanted Opal is an exciting collection of thirteen unique short stories suitable for readers of all ages, The opening story features a young Chinese lad named Digger Lei, who travels on a sailing Clipper to the gold fields of Australia in search of his grandfather's lost opal mine. Then.… Read More
a wwii pilot goes on a bombing mission in germany and for the first part it's smooth sailing until he's shot out of the sky by anti-aircraft guns and crashes. he survives the crash but is captured and turned into a weapon to change the course of the war. Read More

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From riches to rags and back again. This heartwarming story of a young boy who inherits immense wealth through the untimely death of his parents is told through the eyes of his court appointed guardian. The process of overnight personal wealth turns young Fortesque Grenville into a very disagreeabled person.… Read More
A mystery series about a teenage girl who is forced to move to Shady Fields, with an inquisitive background with detective work due to her infamous grandpa, she quickly discovers all of the mysteries lying within Shady Fields. Read More

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