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A vibrant and inspiring story of strength, determination and hope. The gift of hope and a smile. ?A portion of the proceeds of Plaid Frogs, Blue Toads & Pink Pollywogs goes to the American Cancer Society.? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What if some of the most dangerous and interesting literary figures throughout all history came out their books and into our world? Whose side would you find yourself on? I will be putting chapters on one at a time as I finish them. I begin with the prologue. NOTE: This… Read More
We follow our heroine as she makes a big discovery, changing her life forever. She meets new characters that she'll never forget. Read More
This is a fun tale of ambition & desire in the form of a lust for power, driven by a deep seated need to have your genius acknoledged by one and all. It is far from what you might think it is, Suitable for adults & children alike and just… Read More
My other account got locked... so yeah. This is the prolouge... Read More
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