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This article depicts an alliance with a friendly alien society that is located in a far distant region in the Milky Way Galaxy. Along with an extended overview of the evolution of the alien civilization since their simple beginning to the present time along with their phenomenal capabilities, together with… Read More
They say that Attack is the only defense... imagine the future of Europe from completely different angle. Read More
Powers are the norm. Chaos is the result. There is no law and order, and villains run rampant. Clans are created. Alliances are formed. Enemies are made. Syphon is one of the most infamous villain clans in England, and in the span of a single day, they witness all three.… Read More
Blood Mist Island is a killing ground, a war ground. Where a former friendship was torn apart by death. These two societies must band together in order to live the life of peace, and resort, but a feud is what separates them from life and death, that and a acidic… Read More
Getting kidnapped on her way to buy ice cream was the least of Avangeline Lewis’s problems. I mean, she’s got her hands full trying to cope with a deranged freak whose main aim in life is kidnapping young girls and slicing them up. With the Frost up and about, no… Read More
Seventeen year old, Sierra, has faced many changes in her life. She used to have a family that loved and cared for her, until they wanted nothing to do with her. A wild wolf-pack attacks Sierra while she was taking a walk through the forest one night, and as a… Read More

Book / Young Adult

November 15, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Aveline Ravensdale thought she was a normal teenage girl, but that was all about to change. Her meeting with a vampire and the events leading up to that would make her life miserable. She would face impossible odds when she finds herself wedged between an unknown world and the place… Read More

Essay / War and Military

December 12, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

An essay I wrote in response to a history test question, "what were the causes of the first World War?" Read More
A boy with a destiny to save the world... or possibly destroy it. Read More
As he has discovered that his mom and his friend Thigar knows something more about him, he sets of to the Library of Lineage. Where all Lineage records are held, from Royalty to Peasants. Read More
In the not too distant future the earth is about to form an alliance with other worlds, or are they? Read More
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