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Adolf Hitler orders the creation of a superhuman army to destroy the Russians, and to win the second world war. Scientist and dedicated Nazi Kurt Krautkrämer experiments on on young Jewish boys in concentration camps first. Upon perfecting his formula and methods, the scientist and geneticist proceeds to pull a… Read More

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July 13, 2021

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In a world where myths and legends exist alongside humanity.....a time of change is coming. For better or worse lives will be changed and blood will flow.... It is said that if one gazes too far into the gazes back at you. So do step away from the edge.....or… Read More
Since she was a child, Kristín Ormsdóttir has had the ability to spot people who are marked for death. This and her need to use crutches have caused other children to shun and bully her as a witch. She yearns to escape her tiny Icelandic fishing village and see the… Read More
What if… What if a world existed where ancient civilizations still thrived? What if prehistoric creatures roamed the land freely side by side with warriors from an age long past? What if a world existed where people with unusual gifts lived in harmony and acceptance? What if aliens who wielded… Read More
The Earth Screamed in Agony To end the decade-long war with his son Zeus and the Olympians, Cronus of Atlantis has unleashed nuclear fire upon the world. But in the nightmarish aftermath of charred flesh, bloated bodies and radiation sickness, he has instead brought the battle to his own city… Read More
The Nephilim Were Betrayed Born in the pens of Pettit, Anak and Eriktis are Nephilim, a new race of man intended to be the saviors of the People. Instead, they and their brethren are feared, hated and hunted. They were created by Cronus, the Lord Father, through the brutal, forced… Read More
Cronus, warped by madness, has swallowed his own children to save himself from death at the hand of his son, yet a hidden child arrives, promising to see the deadly prophesy come to a horrifying fruition. The Izon, Bloodkin of the People, are gone from Atlantis, but as the birthrate… Read More
The Gods Of Atlantis Had Been Awakened They were to usher in a time of peace and plenty for the Izon - those who had raised the Gods from eons of slumber. Instead, the Clan found themselves enslaved and tormented, treated as filthy, stupid animals. Now they must fight their… Read More
The Izon Were Home After roaming the world for time untold, the Need would finally be fulfilled! The Izon would awaken the Ancestors, - The First People - the Gods who had created man in their own image. Haleah was the last Keeper, the genetic throwbacks that traced their linage… Read More
Their World Is About To End The last remnants of a once great society live in massive caverns far beneath the surface of their tortured world. For hundreds of years, they have been imprisoned by black rock and dirt, condemned to an artificial world maintained by their vast technology, never… Read More

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There's the family business. And then there's the other family business. Read More
A rewrite of a story I've written in Middle School, which is available on this site, Anne and Margot Frank survive the horrors at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. In the aftermath, however, the two sisters struggle to move on in the immediate aftermath. Read More
In this alternate history, the HMHS Britannic survives the mine off the coast of Kea and is able to receive all the necessary repairs. In a story told through the accounts of those who sailed on her, we explore the long career of the RMS Titanic's twin sister ship. Read More
Hitler dies early, causing a different WW 2. Story has been re written several times.. Read More
A group of people are sent to a parallel world with technological levels reaching the late iron age and early medieval age. They think it is a completely new world, but unknown to them it really is just China in the past. Although there is one major difference, Magic is… Read More
An alternate history story that focuses on what if Anne and Margot Frank survived Bergen-Belsen. This fictional account focuses on Anne and Margot on their recovery from Belsen and their road to a new life. Read More
This is a story of a young man who goes through the Second American Civil War. This takes place in the timeline of Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg, an alternative history mod for Hearts of Iron: Darkest Hour and Hearts of Iron IV. Read More
Ever feel like your day just wasn't right, something you can't quite put your finger on? We all have, but Neil might have a fix for that. Or maybe he's to blame in the first place... Read More
Four years after the second world war, Germany launches an unexpected attack on all sides of North America in an attempt to wipe them out in one strike. Mexico fell immediately, but Canada and U.S.A stood their ground, surrounded, out numbered, unprepared, but that they didn’t give up. They pushed… Read More
an alternate history of if cold war became world war three. Read More
Finally finished with my new alternate history story "Ghost Walker". It was a mad descent into multiple storylines. Twisting story-points around to find the essence of my initial inspiration. The story is about Alfred Rothchild. A lone intellectual doing lectures in an old school in Nazi Germany. … Read More
A young man travels back trough time and kills Adolf Hittler. After returning to his own time he finds his world horrendously altered. returning to 1933 he takes the reigns of the Nazi party and builds the German Reich. But, instead of killing millions he gives all in Germany equal… Read More
A lush description of an alternate history leading to a strange conclusion. But also a dramatic story concerning a mountain walker with nature as his best friend and worst enemy. Read More
The story follows a troubled boy of Italian and German decent in an Axis dominated world. When war breaks out and he finds his newly discovered power who will he side with? Read More
What was that mysterious light that Christopher Columbus logged in his journal all those years ago?What if Columbus and his men hadn't discovered the new world? What if the Europeans went on thinking the world was flat? What if American natives had been left to prospire in their scientific development… Read More
This book is based on lore I created for an alternate country in alternative Fascist Europe during WWII. Read More
Every week, I'll be publishing one chapter from my alternate history novel, The Other Side of Hope. The full novel is currently available for sale on Amazon ( 1,300 years ago, Charles Martel failed to stop the Muslim invasion of Europe and history was changed forever. In the modern day,… Read More
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