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February 24, 2018

An alternative take on the story of Adam and Eve, Lilith, and Lucifer. Told from Eve's point of view, this tale explores what life might've been like with a fledgling god and the first man. Read More
The world as we know it, is altered. Could the mysterious virus solve everything or is something else going on? Read More

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The Fantasy Realm House

Long ago twelve monsters ruled over the human world these creatures held monumental power and were soon worshiped by the humans, in exchange for their praise these creatures bestowed powers to the human. Among these humans the Prophets who studied directly from under the monsters gained the most power, next… Read More
Even magic has it's flaws, as note in this Flash Fiction. Read More
This story takes place in the near future. A law was put into effect banning women under the age of 30 from becoming pregnant. The authorities felt children were becoming more and more unruly. The common denominator being the parents were young so they set forth the law banning all… Read More
When the Gods provide innocent life to a numb killer, will he accept the gift and protect it or turn his back on the divines? When a young girl awakes in the midst of a hundred-year civil war, with no memory of herself, will she ever find where she belongs?… Read More
What was that mysterious light that Christopher Columbus logged in his journal all those years ago?What if Columbus and his men hadn't discovered the new world? What if the Europeans went on thinking the world was flat? What if American natives had been left to prospire in their scientific development… Read More
Birth of a Deity is a book that I am making about the boy Warrick Weylyn and his struggles in a life filled with loneliness and the breaking of ones soul. I am writing this both for educational purposes and for my own pleasure. Read More
Following an unfortunate encounter with a furball puppy, Finn becomes marginally obsessed with the magical flame-filled eyes of its owner, Beth. A second chance meeting leads Finn to Beth’s bedroom where he’s transported to a haunting ocean-covered world surrounded by a semi-spherical dome. There, a diabolical shadow overwhelms him and… Read More
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