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The Booksie Classic House

In a world very similar to ours there is an academy that ranks number one in the world. People stake their entire lives just to enter this school. Four students have just been accepted and their journey to become the strongest mage begins. this a world of cruel fates and… Read More
Allisteph is a college freshman who's come to set up a new store in the town of Lilac. But once he arrives, he meets Mitchell; and is in for a surprise. -- This was for a school assignment, one of the requirements was that it have to be a maximum… Read More
Tom was a sidekick to a hero who long ago died an inglorious death. Now wandering in a bizarre world with demons, dreamtimes, talking animals, inhospitable nights and days that range from 3 to 33 hours, he is pressured to become a hero and help those in need and die… Read More
The forest is never as it seems. Laine just thought she was exploring the woods. Little did she know she'd just stepped into a different world entirely Read More
Have you ever found a mystical necklace in the woods? Has that necklace ever taken you to a magical world? Kelsey has. Soon, she finds herself lost in a unimaginable world. With nobody to help her but her new friend, Inermus the dragon. Kelsey must face Dux Sky, her new… Read More
If you stay away from others you will not suffer the pain that they would inflict, but if you dare to come closer to them, you will find yourself wishing that you had died. AU, mild torture, angst, attempted rape, and blood. Read More
The story of Cape Town, Africa in an alternate world. A story of war and political upheavel and the men and women who believe that freedom is worth paying the ultimate price. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Perhaps the solutions to seeing things others don't are (1)to keep away from them and (2)to keep quiet. Simple as that. Cake. Easy. Even a cow can do. But, well, ah... dammit... HUGE MISTAKE... Read More
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