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Fourteen Year old Justin and his younger seven year old brother Curtis have never lived a normal life. Raised in a pseudo-Christian cult group known as the Messianic Authoritarians, they have strict rules to live by enforced by their parents, which is not helped by the fact that their… Read More

Book / Fantasy

October 30, 2017

martha is an average girl, living a below average life of repetitiveness. just when it seems like she will never break free from prison within herself, a buzz at the gate changes everything, and just like that , martha, the girl who is forgotten while she is still in… Read More
Elliot Daniels is a regular man who gets thrust into a weird place that resembles his earth quite a lot... But some things are very, very different. Like, why can't he die? And why is there a man with time-manipulating powers, or, gifts, as they call them? But most importantly,… Read More
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