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A brand new story based on the Hawaiian Urban Legend of the Night Marchers, apparitions of old native warriors haunting roads at night. Filled with intense emotions, vivid imagery and descriptions of the supernatural, it is sure to entice you and offer a pleasurable read. Read More
Walter Peters writes about his victims he killed and explains why he did it Read More

Book / Romance

February 16, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

for Mygheheal J ans to his post 2day Read More
Ever since Amanda put Adam in that trap, she couldn't help but feel a sorrow and guilty feeling in her stomach. Why is she feeling this way for Adam? She's never felt this way about Cecil Adams after John (or Jigsaw) killed him...How come Adam is so important to her? Read More
A fictional short story I wrote. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Five curious, happy teenagers, open a portal to the dead that should have been left alone; especially when that portal is in an old, broken down mental institution. This is a very dark place, with over six-thousand demonic spirits and under twenty neutral spirits. These teens don’t know what they've… Read More
This poem is dedicated to Amanda Todd who passed away on 11th Cotober 2012 Read More
taken from my book, "Trying To Learn About My Madness" Read More

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taken from my book, "Trying To Learn About My Madness" Read More
taken from my book, "Trying To Learn About My Madness" Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Tanner Smith is in a bad situation. His ex-ex-ex-girlfriend, Jenifer Little, is still in love with him. Ever since their break up, she has obsessed over him, and started to stalk him. But, Tanner's best friend, Amanda Cherrish, is here to help...sort of. Obviously, Jenifer and Amanda hate each other… Read More
Here are the character pics of the people in Black Meets White. Balthazar, Star, Tiffany, Stefany, Amanda, Jamie, Amy, and Mordecai. Hope you all like them!!! :D Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Amanda Kaylen couldn't have made a worse decision when she agreed to go on a date with Landon Witz. She knew he was a druggie and a soon-to-be drop out, but when he showed up on his motorcycle to ask her out she couldn't resist. So when he leaves her… Read More
This story is based on the life of a made up fifteen year-old girl (Amanda) who we are learning about through her diary. You will hear about her messed up family and her personal issues.WARNING- MAY GET SEVERELY EMOTIONAL Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Amanda is given the a once-in-a-life-time chance to make her own destiny. Will she discover who she is truly supposted to be? Read More
This is about a girl who tries to kill herself. i wont tell you anymore or else it will ruin it, Read More

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The Ultimate Love Story Between a Disruptive Guy and an Invisible Girl, Will it work out? or will it crumble as fast as it started? Read More

Book / Horror

September 19, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

When Austin wakes up in his hotel room, he has no recollection of what happened. When he opens the door leading into a blood soaked hall, his life will never be the same. Something turned humans into zombies. Now he must get through this alive. Along the way he will… Read More
Just me, description, etc. Read More

Poem / Poetry

April 25, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

When Mike left her there was only one thing Amanda could do to keep close to him: poetry. Read More
In a world of Humans, Vampires, Witches and Warlocks, Werewolves and Demons, Amanda and Austin are different, with different powers. With their parents being two different species, they hide from the world. When they find out one thing, it leads to another. Once Amanda and her family realized that Austin… Read More
Here are the pictures to my new novel Life Comes and Goes! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

pictures for my new novel. Proper summary shall be up shortly Read More
Charlie Ann Cassie, a 15 year old whose been locked up in Kalamazoo Regional Psychiatric Hospital since she was 10. Five years ago her parents threw her in this insane asylum and she hasn't seen them since. But Charline has. Read More
Luke and Madison are still on the hunt for Evelyn and Kylie, when Luke gets a phone call from Jake, a god whose undercover as a high school student that there are some students that are going missing. The police investigating the abductions are getting calls that explain what the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Madison's dreams are starting to catch up to her and some of them want more than just a casual chat.... Read More
Casey was my best friend and all, but she was so dumb sometimes. My name is Elizabeth, I'm 16, but worst of all, I'm at a loss when it comes to romance. But that might just change after finding out a really hot guy named Jason Gerard likes me... a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A senior in highschool finds his way twards his angel, can he make her fall for him? Read More

Article / Horror

February 14, 2010

Amanda Fallow, a normal middle schooler, lives in an old house. Several has died there before, but it doesn't concern of her until strange things happen... soon, she finds out a secret she will never forget. She starts to live within the unknown, and suddenly the most strangest things happen. Read More

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