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Kelandra and her sister Penella, being daughters of a prominent "freedom fighter", are captured at a young age and forced to live in the tyrant Dark Lord's castle for most of their childhood. With the help of a slave boy Taren, the three escape and make their way through the… Read More
Written June 7, 2011 about the same person all preceding poems have been about.. during a time of mass confusion and sadness Read More
A dream-themed poem.. some may find it kinda interesting Read More
Another one of my fantasy poems..and another tragic ending DX Read More
Sort of a dark poem about a girl who loses her soul.. Read More
Just a poem about not being scared..and taking the plunge :) Read More
More of a rant than a poem, on one of my favorite topics, the Soulmate Read More
I wrote this poem on December 4, 2010. I used another song that fit really well with how I was feeling, if you want to listen to it, here's the link: Read More
I wrote this poem on 9/27/10, when I was really heartbroken about this guy I loved. I used a lot of song lyrics, just because they fit so well with how I was feeling :) Read More

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contest piece for Hayley Elizabeth Ariveer's fantasy picture contest. Read More
This was a requested piece for a friend of mine who releases clothing collections with back histories and stories. This one is of a young beautiful girl who wakes in a windowless, doorless, perfect room... Read More
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