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Amelia the Miracle stars our titular heroine, Amelia, a young girl with the special ability to bring the things she paints to life. What starts as a miraculous ability becomes darker as Amelia realizes that while she has the power within herself to make the world a better place,… Read More
Amelia lives on the streets with her brothers and several friends in the year 2727, after a nuclear war. But her life is quickly turned around when death visits, and Amelia discovers secrets, falls in love, feels betrayal, and survives the impossible. And enters into something that has been secretly… Read More
Emma Roadland had everything she ever really wanted, a great job, an amazing wife, a home and a future. On a journey to work one morning after a car accident that supposedly kills her, she wakes up in bed assuming it was just a bad dream, but her world is… Read More
Hey guys,this is my firt short story,it's about a boy and a girl who get lost in a Library. I hope you like it! Read More
A short story about an amazing experience :) Read More
This is the prequel to my short story "Is Anybody Home?" as promised! Hope you enjoy! :D Read More
Piper Peters has huge dreams. Unfortunately, an alien invasion has kept from achieving them. Join her on her journey to make a name for herself. Read More
This is an interesting twist on the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. I hope you enjoy it Read More

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What happens when Amelia goes on a walk through the streets of Gawen? She's kidnapped! OH NO! How will she ever get out of this? Find out in Gone with Amelia Read More
Accidently stumbling upon an alien in her own house has caused a whole lot of problems for Amelia Aura. Her family goes missing, a strange alien device is implaneted in her neck, along with her two best friends, James and Madeline. Strange things begin to happen to the trio, as… Read More
Amelia was beautiful, she was one of the kindest people you would ever meet, her smile lit up the whole room and she had the purest heart anyone could ever have. So what ever happened to Amelia? Most people thought she was kidnapped and killed, some people thought she’d ran… Read More
When Kaylee Reynolds's boyfriend breaks up with her she does everything she can to make him regret it. But when she inadvertently charms her best friend she doesn't know what to do. How can Kaylee get past the High School Drama. Read More
What would happen if your every day teenage girl gets bitten by a wolf, carried away into the woods and is never seen for a few weeks? This girl is called Amelia, she gets taken by Michael and the closer she gets to him, the further she gets from her… Read More
A fanfic of Kiesha'ra about Oliza and Betia. The start of a story I wrote a long time ago. I don't quite remember where I was going to go with this... And yes the title sucks Read More

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The concept of falling in love was something which always had baffled Amelia Prichard, life has so many other problems to overcome (like blocked drains and increasing fat deposits), why add a love life to that stress list? Read More
Amelia is in love with a bad boy named Nick. they have been together for along time. the only problem is her parents. they hate him and send her away after her mom catches them together. what will happen when she gets to her new school? we will have to… Read More
Why is Leah afraid of the dark? Who murdered Addie? Why doesn’t Grace speak any more? Amelia Raymore and Alex Morgan plan to find out in the chilling novel. Read More
This is the beginning of a short story I am writing for a friend. I'm giving it to her in parts, and tis is the first part. Thanks for reading! Read More

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Written listening to Alexz Johnson's "Look At These Eyes" also kind of an internal meaning for a character of one of my screenplays. And yes... It's intended to have a make your own conclusion of what message(s) the song is conveying. :) Thanks for reading. Read More
Tirzah dedicated her whole life to helping people when she was thirteen. She was given a pair of wings and a list of things to do. But when an assignment goes disastrously wrong, she is stripped of her title and the powers she had become accustomed to. But instead of… Read More

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Amelia is a 18 year old girl who has many problems coming her own way. Jeremy her boyfriend is acting too fast with their relationship. And a millionarie's son soon comes to school, Tyler Holmes. The girls drool over him and that's all they seem to talk about. But Tyler… Read More
The Pictures of Maybe It's Not So Bad After All that i've mentioned in the story xD Read More
Holly Lancaster, Highschool Graduate, Supermodel Body, 5'10, Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes, Makes The Boys Go Crazy. She's got everything going for her, Rich Family, Amazing College's To Choose From, Best Friend Alyssa Rodgers, and of course, A Spoiling Dad. Her mother Amelia Lancaster doesn't want this to be it though.… Read More
A fantasy Novel by Matt Mackowski. Amelia Collins of Scortson Village travels the world of Cranthem to rescue her mother who is believed to be the Goddess of the Golden Ocean and has been captured by the Emperor Aldren. Among her quest, she learns of the power of her mood… Read More
Stacey and Charles are the couple everyone aimed to be. Now, Charles has broken up with Stacey and went for her best friend's cousin, Amelia. The two settle their differences but, then, Stacey gets thinking about Theo, a guy Anja is crushing on and wants for her boyfriend and begins… Read More

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November 14, 2009

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Efflorescence is a novel I have been working on for a few years now. I have advanced through quite a bit of it - but it is still in it's rough draft form. If you like vampires, trials, lies and mystery - this would be a good book for you. Read More
Amelia Conner is just an average Vampire in an average world, but when her mother tells her shes being sent away to marry Prince Damien, Future Vampire king. All hell breaks loose. Read More

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February 21, 2008

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This poem is inspired by “Hawksong” by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Read More
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