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This is the truth and if you don’t want to believe it then you’re part of the problem. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It is American tradition to make history. We are a nation of innovators, thinkers and visionaries. A nation conceived by men and women of courage and perseverance. Read More
Twenty years ago, terrorists changed life in America. I was just one ordinary young man back then, reaching for the brass ring, and relishing life at the top of the world – seeing the greatness of American from atop a world-class restaurant at the World Trade Center – Windows on… Read More
From a nation of heroes, trailblazers, innovators and leaders, America has transformed itself into a nation of simpletons, dunces and nitwits. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Enemy inside the gates Read More

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Stained in its DNA. drained in oceans and rivers Family in the grips of old adages. Walking to the same tired concerns– Economics rhythm – Limitations dictating demanding routine. Norman Rockwell would have captured our scene well– We up on stools. Me the boy. Him the cop. 50’s style dinner.… Read More
New York, 1957 In the city that never sleeps, Don Lowell, a seventeen year old teenager, and his girlfriend, Margaret Scholl, are going to the Drive-In cinema on a Saturday night, unaware that a killer is on the loose. After several teenagers are killed, Don and Margaret try to… Read More
A viewing of It 2 goes horribly wrong. Read More
Hear the roar and thunder in the sky, as the night ignites in color, and in a spectacle of light and fire that arouses the languishing spirit of an exhausted nation. Read More
I used to listen to our national anthem in awe and respect. Each word a covenant of hope, faith and optimism. I still listen with admiration and reverence, but I don’t hear the resonance that used to be. I used to listen. Read More
Our July 4th celebration is approaching. Our Independence Day. Celebrating freedom and democracy. This year, our July 4th celebration takes on a new meaning and new image. For on this day of celebration, our nation’s heartbeat continues to flutter and to tremble. Read More
I sing a song of courage. A song of hope and faith and possibilities. I sing of my America, the land I love and cherish. Read More
America, once a state of mind – now in a state of mindlessness. Read More
Imagine a place where civility, respect, altruism, humility and compassion are things that you only read about in history books or hear about in stories from your elders about their experiences growing up in a “different America,” in a “different time.” Imagine a place that extols the worst of times… Read More
Are we at our twilight of the age of idiocy? . . . . America has evolved and progressed through many ages in our history. Each generation an inspiration to the next. Each period in our celebrated saga marked in some fashion by extraordinary accomplishments and by the eloquence of… Read More
I hear the sound of discontent as I see the crumbling and collapsing structures of our greatness tumble into the dustbin of history and into oblivion. I hear the muted voices of reason and of credence drowned by the repulsive cult-like chants of treachery and betrayal. Read More
America, how I remember thee. . . . . How I recall the passion of my youth and the pride I felt when I saw the red, white and blue waving high against the brilliance of the sky. How I sensed a dignity and a greatness within me that surpassed… Read More
There was a time and place not long ago where once dreams lived and thrived. A place guarded by the vigilance of sacrificed lives, abandoned innocence and shattered dreams. A place where fields of stone and seas of tears defy the sorrow and the pain to keep alive the spirit… Read More
There seems to be a disconnect in America today between Christianity and Religiosity. It seems that one can now be “religious” without being a Christian, and a Christian without faith. Read More
I cry for the plight of America. I weep for those that gave their lives to ensure and safeguard the American dream. I find myself in an America that has betrayed the dignity of who we used to be. I find myself in an America angling to realign itself with… Read More
The 4th of July used to be a celebration of freedom and democracy. Today our country’s July 4th celebration takes on a new meaning and new image. Today the heartbeat of America is fluttering and to trembling. Read More
At this moment in world history, when the health, welfare and safety of nations and of peoples depends on having access to factual, honest, truthful and scientific information, it has become apparent to many across our nation and around the world, that America’s failure to lead and to inspire confidence,… Read More
We each possess personal views and thoughts on our social and political condition. These are polarizing subjects that are alienating and even separating and minimizing people throughout our nation. They are subjects that we hear about every day, read about, and even observe and feel in some way in our… Read More
Where were you on January 6, 2021, the day America almost came tumbling down? Where were you the day a lynching mob ascended the steps of our Capitol, determined to kill the spirit and the soul of America? Where were you the day America was lynched, and the world watched… Read More
There is today in our land, the specter of division and cynicism. The American spectacle of prideful arrogance and pride, now shadowed by the approaching tide that threatens the bedrock of our stability, our constancy and our strength. Read More
America has deteriorated into a nation governed through speculation, assumption, conjecture, conspiracy theories and outright lies, through the art of deception. Read More
We are feeling the weight of time upon us. It is smothering and stifling the very breath of us. Once promising us the treasures of the ages, time now slowly fading away into the recesses of our minds, shrouding our memories and covering the wounds of countless sorrows and erasing… Read More
Faith comes to most of us in distinct and often personal ways. It can materialize and emerge in times of great distress or hardship, in times of gratefulness or great exultation, or in a moment of self-enlightenment or illumination Read More
When will Americans of every kind and of every political persuasion finally stand up for themselves and for America? When will enough, be enough? Read More
Listen to the cadence of the blowing wind. Listen to the smothered cries of forsaken dreams as they fade and float away like falling leaves of time into the flowing waters that quench the thirst and appetite of fields that draw the breath and sweat of toiling human souls under… Read More

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