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The Chinese Dream coined by Xi JinPing in 2013 is a very heavily discussed topic within the realm of politics. However, as we look into the meanings of this dream, we can see that it may turn out as a nightmare. Read More
This piece of flash fiction approaches the meritocracy myth (or the American Dream) by addressing one of it's most overplayed features with a dark twist. In other words, it addresses the "realitocracy" Read More
THe American Drea has changed throughout the years. This is an essay I had to write about for my final exam in my English 10 class. It demonstrates the different syles and genres people developed going through literary histroy. Read More
Remember a magician called "Svengalli" from a long ago and lost cinema flick. With a goaty, black beard, beatty eyes, black tuxedo and wand he would electronically control clients. Perhaps such as with "Smart Pills". They could mean "freedom" but beware... Read More
When travelling with family, it's good to let off a little steam... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story of the millions of Americans whose jobs were outsourced. They were left with not enough money to pay rent and so they were out on the streets, struggling for food that was good. These are the people below the poverty line who suffer malnutrition and marasmus:… Read More
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