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Alani Evans, Born and raised in a broken home in the center of Bronx New York. At a young age (6) Alani's Mother died in a car accident. Years after the accident Alani and her father move to Queens where Alani starts her new life. Thinking everything is okay and… Read More
I'm self taught Latin, and I'm basically showing off. I'm not brilliant at Latin; I can recognize some words and phrases. Another member of this site thinks I'm uneducated, and I guess this is my last attack on the subject as well. Read More

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May 26, 2007

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The Booksie Classic House

Rating: T Emma Cain never thought anything about boys, ecspecially after her last boyfriend, popular school jock, Seth Greene. Now twenty sixteen-year-old italian boys are coming over to spend an entire school year at her school. What happens when she meets Dante Giovanni, she thinks he's different, and they become… Read More
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