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Elise Helmrick, a soon-to-be cheerleading team captain of Belmont High School Braves, is nearing her sixteenth birthday when she begins to see images of symbols, faces and things before she sees them personally. She is in a daze when she, her football player and martial artist brother and a couple… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

THIS IS NOT A NOVEL!!! I divided my essay into different parts so it would be easier to read. I have better things to do than write entire books on Ancient Egypt. This was the Social Studies research essay we had to write for our final school project this year.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The purpose of this book is to explore how human beings think. The scope is world historic, but the focus is on the present and the future. The theory is that all human thought can be reduced to three methods: myth, story, and science. The first two terms are explaned… Read More
A Pharaoh in ancient Egypt surveys her prosperous kingdom, but even divine kingship can soothe her inner melancholy. Read More
What if the female Pharaoh Hatshepsut fought in the arena against the Celtic warrior Queen Boudicca over Alexander the Great's hand in marriage? Read More
Egypt is in Africa, but were the ancient Egyptian people and culture really of indigenous African origin? I make the case that they were using evidence from biological and cultural anthropology and archaeology. I wrote this as a paper for my South African History class at UCSD. It earned a… Read More
I am writing this as a way from keeping myself going insane, read and you’ll see why. I am going to write down the essentials that I know and everything that happened to me since 6:30 this morning. I’m going to make this sound as normal as possible in case… Read More
30 b.c Dear Diary, I can't say my life so far has been an easy one... Since my queen ship began some 10 farming seasons ago, there have been many problems, of course, with the Romans and Egyptians... Read More
After the death of Queen Acenath of Egypt, she is deemed unfit to enter the Underworld and must seek assistance from her mortal sister. Read More
Chione is a slave for the King of Egypt, and she wants out. When her best friend, Reshed, is forced to be a soldier for the King, Chione knows she has to leave. With a Stroke of Luck and a lot of running, Chione is Finally Free. When caught stealing… Read More

Short Story / Horror

February 23, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

A dream I had turned into this short story. Read More
This is just an introduction to a story I could write. Please tell me what you think! Read More
It is 404 BC, and the charismatic Egyptian noble Amenirdisu leads his people in a revolt against their tyrannical masters, the Persian Empire. But his rebellion seems doomed to fail, as a mighty Persian army is already marching to crush him utterly. But all is not lost for Egypt. For… Read More
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