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Astarte, this is the name of one of the two daughters of Boecio, king of Theben, and his wife, Peitho, a nymph handmaiden to Aphrodite who died after giving birth to Astarte. Her sister, Ker, took the throne after the sudden assassination of her father, and is married to the… Read More
The great fabulist Menippus tells of the tale of Harpalus, the young man who dared to do good. Read More
The voice of the prosecution in Plato's Apology. Read More
Here is an argumentative essay which I wrote for my Senior Ancient History Class. This essay contains 6 paragraphs, analysing the supposed greatness of Pericles, the motives which interlaced the Parthenon and the Delian League, aswell as the idea of Periclean Appeasement in the act of the Megarian Decree. Both… Read More

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July 09, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

In the modern city of Aetola, trouble is brewing. The youth of the city have long been plotting to overthrow the adults and rule themselves, but when a teen named Moros comes along promising them everything, he soon turns nasty. He starts killing adults, and any young people who fail… Read More
This is a short fictional myth explaining why we put flowers on graves that I wrote for an English essay at age 12. It is set in Ancient Greece, when the greek gods ruled and were worshipped. Helena is a Hunter of Artemis, sworn to never fall in love, but,… Read More
It is 404 BC, and the charismatic Egyptian noble Amenirdisu leads his people in a revolt against their tyrannical masters, the Persian Empire. But his rebellion seems doomed to fail, as a mighty Persian army is already marching to crush him utterly. But all is not lost for Egypt. For… Read More
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