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The Review Chain House

Strange insects are found in the caverns of NYC. No one knows where they come from. The robots are questioning their place in the world. An unlikely group of friends uncovers a dark secret and must free a little girl's father from prison in order to tell the world. A… Read More
When it came down to a simple patrol, it all suddenly turned upside down just as she was Unexpectedly found during one stop, how will things turn out for Alexis and Connor when he discovers she was hiding the fact she wasn’t who she claimed to be? Read More
Adapted for the interactive Visual Novel by Giuseppe Villella. Read More

Book / Fantasy

June 20, 2016

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The DragonFire House

Luke is an android. Knowing only his friends, he ventures around, homeless. Then, an incedent at a burrito shop changes it all. Haywire, the malfunctioning android took everything apart, and now it's time for Luke and his friends to put it back together. Will they defeat Haywire in time? Read More
This story is about an English man named Theo who has moved to Japan because of civil war only to become a Human Supremacist because of 2 androids who bullied his child until he ended his own life. Read More
What happened to earth & humanity by 2300 AD. Read More
In the future, we've burned so much trash and thrown so much junk away that the atmosphere has reached toxic medium. all animals and plants were killed except for the insects and bacteria, who instead mutated and overtook the rotten wasteland by devouring human flesh and feeding off the garbage… Read More
Prequel novel to the upcoming 3d Science fiction CGI movie'The Antorus saga'.Story focusing on the conflict between humanity and synthetic androids and it outcome on human history. Read More
The Originals had left lonf ago and the Districts are set. But when the different ones start to come together, can they bring peace to the Earth again? Read More
The future world could be a menacing place if we ever let robots take control. Read More
Well, this is a short story I wrote for an English assignment a couple years back. I just re-read it, and it's actually pretty decent! It's a sci-fi short story, and it was inspired by The Veldt, by Ray Bradbury. Enjoy! Read More
It is 2550 a man becomes the king of shinigami(death gods) and uses the power of necromancy to bring the extinct humans back from the dead and changing them into powerful androids. The 10 other shinigami also bring back their side of humans in order to create a resistance and… Read More
Computers, biobots , androids and my brains in the future might make for interesting ,tongue in cheek ,reading. So mix everything and shoot it off to the future, stir and read.For fun. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The world has moved on. In ruins it lay, under the mercy of another superior race. Hope still remains as a few resistant souls embarked upon a traitorous journey for survival. Read More

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