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Life, the existence of an induvial human being or animal. Everybody has a different point of view on life. Whether you love it or hate it, you were lucky to be given the life you have. Not everybody is born into wealth, not everybody succeeds. Life always… Read More
Set in the far future, after the destruction of the Milky Way Galaxy, Mankind was saved by beings from the Andromeda galaxy. This is the story of how the Andromedous Military formed their advanced team of each race and how all the members came together. The first chapter introduces one… Read More
This is my first-ever crack at a science fiction story. So bear with me :) Welcome to the Viverse-First Helix. An endless virtual reality with no limitations. Ben is a new user, having just jacked-into First Helix, he meets his artificial intelligence/Personal Assist Interface Andromeda. Read More
A poem from Andromeda's perspective, not a fun place to be. Read More

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Book / Science Fiction

November 26, 2009

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It was year 6021; the dawn of space exploration, and the end of civilization. The action - the single innocent action of curiosity force our entire race to the brink of extinction. Read More
The royal family of Myrtos choses to break with tradition, and brings the wrath of the Goddess Tethys down upon their city. A retelling of the myths of Atlantis and Andromeda. Read More
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