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You hold the heart in your hand, and the pressure's on. In this sanitary area you are God and fool all at once. Before you know it it's been five fucking hours with a group of people that you have come to hate and love and utterly not care about.… Read More
Here is a short story that I wrote about my experience with my very first surgery in August of 1997 and my conversation with my Anesthesiologist before my surgery. Read More
This piece uses the concept of anesthetic to symbolize the feeling that life can feel as if one is simply going through the motions with very little awareness of the path. It suggests that when life becomes routine, perhaps a routine you never intended to have, that it can be… Read More
A disconnected series of psychological homicides. Read More
I got my appendix removed on October 16th, 2007. It was a somewhat important day of my life, so I decided to recount it. If you have had a similar experience with surgery, organ removal, or hospitals, you can relate to this. Read More
this is the story of me meeting a very nice and gentle anesthesia doctor before my hernia surgery in 1997 Read More
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