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any years have passed since that fateful day... Since the dawn of man, angels have existed to serve God and protect man. High in the Holy City, the Lord slumbers, his back turned upon the world that abandoned him, and so a cult has dedicated itself to sing praise… Read More
What happens when a guardian angel falls in love with the man she is supposed to protect. Read More
The Queen of the Dark Faeries, Morgana Le Fey, has become a victim of obsession for a mortal. Though it is not until she finds that she has a rival, that she discovers that her obsession has turned to love and desire. But her rival is an Angel, one that… Read More
Of Dreams and Angels 2 They touch our lives in ways unseen and at times enter our dreams to try and help guide us. But what if an Angel required a little help in return? Read More

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Of Dreams and Angels 1 If an Angel wanted to talk to you or give you some guidance, without leaving any hard proof of its existence, How would it do it? In a dream perhaps? Read More

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This is about a normal teenage girl that finds out that she is the daughter of Satan.  Some want to drive Satans spirit out of her, while some want to kill her. Some want her to do Satan's work Not many care that this girl is confused and wants to… Read More

Book / Romance

November 20, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

Cara has found she shares an amazing connection between to opposite men. Torn between what she knows is safe and what her heart feels, can she choose the right man without getting hurt in the process? Read More
This may be the last Catch-kin story, but we won't know until an OK is given, or an OK is not given. The end of this story explains it all. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An angel comes down to take the soul of a little girl to Heaven, only to find there has been a mistake in the Book of Destiny. Read More
This is a message as the tribute for all the sacrifices made for our home on this living creation. May this always reassure the greater plans of the Almighty in all. Thanks. Read More

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1st chapter. Elizabeth finds herself unexpectedly awoken from a nightmare by a strange visitor, one not of this world! Read More
When love doesn't believe you. My poem. Read More

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i simply met an angel in human form Read More

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They say that when you die, you either go to Heaven or Hell. But the harsh reality was there is only Hell. Before the fall of Heaven, if a demon had spent a hundred years in Hell, they could pass on to Euphoria, the dimension of eternal bliss. Demons were… Read More
This is a short story that is inspired by a real girl I know, she's just an angel without wings, she is a girl of pure soul, kind heart and a graceful presence. I call her "Set El-Banat" and this in English means the girls' lady. She was ill, so… Read More
An angel talks to a man on a train. Read More
Memories surround and I have a frown, when I’m down for I can’t piece together the broken glass fracturing me Read More
Have you ever had one of those days where the sun relentlesly poured down not giving a damn about us human beings? Read More

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When she was first attacked in the alley, she thought for sure she would live to see another day- it's just some drunk man, after all. However, she never suspected that day would be three years in the future, and apparently now that she's awake there's a bounty over her… Read More
She’s a preacher’s daughter, looking to make her own way out west. He’s a saloon owner who just about has it all. Can two people from opposite worlds find their happily ever after? Julianne Parker is twenty-four and ready to take her future into her own hands. Determined to succeed… Read More

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June 16, 2019

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I first met him by accident. I was playing in my garden as just a child, lost my ball and found myself another world behind my own. He was fierce, but lonely and didn't know the meaning of any human words. Love. I lost him though and then found… Read More

Poem / Romance

June 03, 2019

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A romantic touch Read More

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A young angel loses her family and home at a young age, and is forced to teach herself how to use her magic, wings, and brain to survive. Read about her adventures and live through the tough life of a young outcast, as Casey fights to live. Read More

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Poem / Poetry

May 19, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

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A girl is kidnapped when she was only 2 years old. 9 years later, she was found and this is the 6 part story on what it was like for her to be found and re-united with her birth parents. It is a story of trauma, confusion and despair. At… Read More
'' pieces left of the broken '' ( picture video of this story ) was inspired and had to write this down on paper , was intended to be really short , it's one of the most interesting stories that I have written down , Read More

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When Joshua drowns to death, he meets his two sides, his devil and his angel. They take him on a journey through his life, encountering all the good and bad deeds he's done. Will his life be good enough to return to a human form on Earth, or will… Read More
After falling from the sky a young girl is taken in by a Doctor where things take a turn for the worse. Read More
A birthday blessing to a very Special person Read More
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