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In the United States, with all of its economic woes, the term “reach-across-the-aisle” is frequently reported as the means of dealing with these woes. For example, if the Republicans would only “reach-across-the-aisle” and (compromise) or if the Democrats would only “reach-across-the-aisle and (compromise).” Compromise: Yes? or No? Read More
Human history is about a conflict between God the Father and Satan. This conflict is referred to as the angelic conflict. The angelic conflict is the backdrop against which all of human history is being played out. You can reject this truth, you can ignore it, you can distort it,… Read More
The people of the USA are suffering the intense pressure of divine discipline from the justice of God for their negative volition expressed toward the plan of God for the human race, the nature of which plan, when implemented, resolves the prehistoric angelic conflict. Read More
Proposition #1: The United States of America it not now, nor was it ever a Christian nation. It was designed by our founding fathers to be a nation of free peoples, most of whom were Christians when the nation was founded, but now the peoples of our nation have degenerated… Read More
Since the fall of Adam, every human being in every dispensation had or has an “old-man” from the moment of physical birth until the moment of physical death or the rapture (whichever occurs first). Read More
The United States is not found in biblical prophecy. This article relates the interpretation of 2 Chronicles 7:14 to Israel, the nation to whom this prophecy was directed by God. Read More
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