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A boy brings an intangible axe to a high-tech war far into the future. He believes that it can slay demons and with it he hopes to destroy The Darkness that wants to eat The World. A cyborg is cast in The Valley of Souls and must travel down The… Read More
The stories contained herein are based on my personal life experiences. Read More
More than three thousand years ago, I was betrayed by the one I loved; the one for whom I forfeited eternity. Beguiled by her innocence, I was led into captivity, forced to endure eons of darkness in joyless isolation. My name was called Havvavhel, the destroying angel. I was believed… Read More

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When Gabriella Quinn’s mother, Contessa takes her own life. A nineteen-year-old secret she took to the grave unearths, her life takes a shocking, terrifying turn when she discovers the world of the supernatural and forced to run by Angels of God that say she is an abomination! Her only allies… Read More

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Xavier or X goes on a worldwide adventure saving different supernatural species in a bid to show them all that family is anyone or everyone, through their adventures they discover government plots, Primordial beings set on destroying their world but most importantly a fight with their own personal demons in… Read More
Did you ever wonder what Heaven was like? And what happens when we die? Do you want to go to heaven but not sure how? This book, radiates with resplendent glimpses of heaven, populated by angels and God himself. It gathers the choicest descriptions of the future home of the… Read More

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February 11, 2021

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After signing a contract with Satan, Syrus unknowing turns into the very first Vampire. The contract, that Satan named Akashi, is the only way to undo the Vampire curse. This started a War between the Dark and the Light that has lasted thousands of years. Syrus used his skill as… Read More
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The giant appeared in a golden beam of celestial light on the steps of St. Peter’s Basilica. Accompanied by a host of angels, the face of Jesus Christ smiled down upon the supplicant Pope John Matthew, his arms widespread in welcome. “Be at peace. We are here to save the… Read More
Just an odd story of a New Year Miracle. Read More
After the Great Depression, a young girl dreams of a Christmas miracle. But will it be what she expected? Read More
the joyous arrival of the Messiah and His impartial love for all Read More
Raguel a warrior Angel was banished to earth for a crime he was accused of and he thought heaven's punishment for him is not having a soulmate until Elena crossed his path Elena was thrown into the world of the supernatural where secret and her true identity is revelead Read More

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Seraphim Angelic beings with six wings, they stand amongst the highest order of celestial beings, and act as the medium of communication, between Heaven and Earth. Shani Tarath is one of the Seven Celestial Guardians of Earth, she battle Demons and all things unholy, in the service of the creator,… Read More

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July 17, 2020

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. Mother Teresa Read More
A family is in turmoil, sadness surrounds the house but everyone is pushing through and going on with their daily lives as best as they can. Jo arises one day to find out she has been given a very special gift. Watch how the rest of the family is impacted. Read More
other worldly girl bring down humanity on their cruelty Read More
I think that it is a good thing to set down some passages from the bible. Read More

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Strange, desires are simply strange. Without a second thought, they can bring harm to those around us. And if it's the opposite? See, aren't they strange? Yet, in the midst of our sinful desires, there is sin mingled in. Wrath knows this because she houses all of our sinful desires.… Read More

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the reason for seasons Read More

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Part 2 of the thrilling, Halos and Hallows Read More
A fifteen year old girl draws the eye of an older man Read More
The tale you'll read is work in progress, far from finished, as time goes by i will be uploading new chapters every month or if it gets lot of reads then weakly! (Also each chapter will be changed here and there time to time, reason because sometimes i add things… Read More

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February 04, 2020

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A child's eyes hold so much love Read More

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January 29, 2020

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For college student Thomas Crawford, life was all figured out for him. He had a good education, a good job, a sweet girlfriend, and amazing friends. That is until strange things begin to happen to him and he discovers that he's not human at all. Now his life is turned… Read More
This is a book idea I had. Opinions on it are very much welcomed and any feedback would be appreciated. Read More
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