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The Booksie Classic House

After the supposed date of a mass nuclear attack is leaked onto the deepest parts of the dark web, eight high schoolers who discover it set off on a journey across America in order to escape the inevitable destruction. With a plague of mutated humans overtaking most of the population… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The survivors have lost too much. Their escape of the country, their home in Mexico, their camp in New York. Coty, Maddie, Julian and now Spencer. They're fed up with it, and now they're ready to fight. After sailing to the mysterious island in the middle of… Read More
Despite the end of the war between the struggling Alliance and the great North Korean and Russian Empire ending, True Korea still takes time to change. Nine months after Anikan's group is sent to live in the real world, Lilitha gives birth to her third child, but that is… Read More
Ever wonder how the original members of TeamPhased formed the group in the first place? When Anikan and his 2 best friends Josh and 26 get into their dream school Ender University they encounter new friends, A gang called the Cubes and an assassin bombing the school and targeting the… Read More
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