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For Imaginarium House title pompt on Bull Fight Read More
There once was an electric eel who fell in love. Read More

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When a disregarded toy inventor named Ghemer decides to engineer an invasion force of armed, high-tech teddy bears, it is up to Silas Hunter, a moderately-skilled local hero, to find a way to stop the onslaught by inheriting the hero alias of his father, Badbunny Havoc, and teaming up with… Read More

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A story about a kangaroo and her young son her in pouch fleeing a dingo. Read More
This is the true report how I lost my beloved cat Samura in the woods and retrieved her after almost one month of intensive search. Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 20, 2019

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Always beginning again. Read More
Just to decompress. Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 08, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

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Poem / Non-Fiction

November 11, 2018

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Children are carried by the river. Read More
A love-hate poem about the Pit Bull dog Read More
A poem surrounding animal cruelty within circuses. Cover from Unsplash Read More
Is it a dream we all are waking up to Read More
An examination of the Animal Spirit World... Read More
What happens when our dualistic natures collide? Read More

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I wrote this true poem for any irresponsible pet owners who may be reading. Read More

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"You have become grandparents of a baby warthog!" The first message I sent to my parents. A little 600 grams baby warthog ended up in my lap a few days after arriving at a wildlife care center. Read More
a family moves into their new house only to find it already occupied.. Read More

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Poem / Humor

April 03, 2018

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a simple poem about a cute pussy cat! Read More

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The story is about a king who fought with the hunter and won the gift by the blessing of nature goddess. Read More
What is real, really isn't. What isn't real, really isn't. Read More
As the world met darkness and was completely taken over. Not one single good soul remained, until Raven, the son of the dark lord Misery. This book describes how Raven saves the world from the underworld. Read More

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Snouty the Gangetic River Dolphin is slowly coming to terms with human development around his home. His mum and dad are quirky and adorable but quite helpless when it comes to making Snouty feel better. This short story explores the rapidly changing lives of the gangetic river dolphins in… Read More
It has been well documented that male Emperor penguins in Antarctica huddle together all winter long to keep their eggs warm while female penguins are away finding food. What goes on in the heads of the huddled penguins all that time? This story about two penguins BlubberKing and Fatso,… Read More

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My sweet & lasting love: Why don't you like the names that I call you? Can't you understand my heart? Or feel the love in my voice? What's in a name anyway...? "A Rose, by any other name would still smell just as sweet..."; Would I care any more, or… Read More
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