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I have been a vegetarian for six months and will never go back. It is a topic near to me, and I want to share how I feel, and help people understand my point of view. Don`t hate I know everyone has different points of view but I am just… Read More
Dairy calves are those which are brought into being solely in order for the milk its mother will produce. In many cases they are separated from the mother within a day of birth to maximise milk production. Females might be lucky enough to be selected for a similar fate; the… Read More

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February 13, 2013

This is THE poem for animal lovers and those who love babies and children, Vegetarians, Vegans, advocates for animals and children around the world. Read More
An essay discussing the ethics of animal experimentation, particularly examining the weakness of many pro-experimentation arguments, and exploring the relationship of non-Western philosophies with science and experimentation. Read More
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