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AU. After the defeat of Father, Ed and Al fail to get their bodies restored. They're still searching, but with a sudden strange power, and a bounty on Edward's head, things aren't going to be easy. And despite what they say, I'm not doing them any favors, either. [Ed x… Read More

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"Vibrant and Different! I really enjoyed this!" Read More

Toby is a highschool student with a dark secret. unlike your typical high school student, he is alone by choice because of his past, he chooses to isolated to hide who he is, that is until his encounter with Amelia. Read More
Humans and Pokémons were meant to be companions and friends only; from ever since the beginning of time, but as time passed, humans created technologies that they called pokeballs. These technologies would capture and enslave Pokémons inside of them for the rest of their lives. Arceus, the King of all,… Read More
Arising tournament with crossovers of other stories but original characters Read More
Deadman Wonderland is newly reopened and renamed. The new owner wants to collect hunters to run experiments on them. It's a Hunter x Hunter and Deadman Wonderland fan fiction. Read More
Crystals with supernatural abilities each different from each other Read More
Knightwatch Guild answers another chaotic call to action a little over a year after taking down the WorldRunnerOS system, attempting to stop the advance of a dark coalition set against them, and eradicate the newest chapter to spring out of the WorldRunnerOS legacy before it is released worldwide... Read More

Tags: action, fox, scifi, anime, manga

I Don't Own Any Of The Names Or The Anime Show. @ Copy-write. Read More

Tags: anime, manga

This is the story of a young man in a world that has changed because of a nuclear explosion that released endless amounts of energy affecting 0.05% of the world population. That is more or less 400,000 people. This explosion also affected animals and mutated them and changed them into… Read More
Rings from different worlds with supernatural abilities Read More
In a world that requires humans and spyrits to thrive, a dark entity is brought to the surface. Join Sky, a young knight of the imperial city Ramphart as he learns secrets of the past, finds lost love, and reclaims the kingdom from the ensuing shadows. Read More
Sequel to The Magic of magic Imperium Read More
zombie chronicles is the first saga in my series. it is about 3 kids going to a academy that will change their lives and give them the power to defeat a zombie army. it is anime and superheroes mashed together. hop you like it!!!! Read More
Atter death, I was reincarnated as a human, problem is that before that I was a cat. Read More
12 Nations each symbolizing a zodiac sign. Read More
Entities within swords with unique powers Read More
Each follower has their own powers the master trains with them to gain new abilities. Read More
Our inner demon will strengthen us or overwhelm us. Read More
Hotel filled with Fighters training to become #1 Read More
Two Rivals grow as Heroes Read More
A tainted bloodline of demigods Read More
An Academy of magic users Read More
Book 4, more power growing closer. Read More

Tags: action, anime, jojo, sinto

The third installment of inner self the action Rising. Read More

Tags: action, anime, jojo, sinto

The sequel to the inner self, stronger foes. Read More

Tags: action, anime, jojo, sinto

A group of teens able to summon supernatural beings Read More

Tags: action, anime, jojo, sinto

A terrible battle... and Team Avatar suddenly goes from four members -- to one. The lone survivor, torn with grief, must choose a new path. Solace and healing may lie along it... but revenge seems more desirable. So does death. Blamed by many for not preventing the tragedy, Lin Beifong… Read More
In a century-old academy where the upperclassmen descendants of a powerful group of seven baron families, known as the Seven Gems, can establish dynasties, rally underclassmen to their causes, and even go to war, donning family heirloom class rings signifying their status among the rich student populace, young Cyrus Connigan… Read More
The flowing fever which flared as you swung out. The blood of you and your opponent, stuck to you and your blinded eyes. The adrenaline, anguish, and action of it all- accumulate as the properties of Engagement. Read More
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