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Note: this is the FOURTH book in the series. Approximately four moons ago, the leaders of all four demon races made a cruoren pact with the leader of the Aubade Sylphs, Corelia. They thought they had this unruly queen in checkmate...But it looks like she isn't finished yet. Corelia has… Read More
NOTE: THIS IS THE THIRD BOOK IN SERIES, DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ BOTH BOOK 1 AND 2, OTHERWISE THERE WILL BE MAJOR SPOILERS This is still the anime/manga that I want to create... Ever since Kita found out that she was possibly a half-breed, she has been… Read More

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NOTE: THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES - DO NOT READ IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOURSELF FROM MAJOR SPOILERS!!! This is still the anime/manga that I want to create. . . Times are hard for Kita and her new friends. One moon has passed since Corelia downed… Read More

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("The Forsaken Race" is an aspiring manga/anime series...) Kita is a pariah among her race of Aubade Sylphs. With only two friends, no family, and a bad reputation, her life is not going too well. Especially with the constant, strange nightmares that prevent her from sleeping. After a while, though,… Read More

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The Second of Five in the Fade to White series "I'm sorry... I failed to save you..." Ashes fall from the sky as Skogur burns, but why? New threats emerge from the shadows, and they seem to have a focus on... Rose? Many… Read More
In a century-old academy where the upperclassmen descendants of a powerful group of seven baron families, known as the Seven Gems, can establish dynasties, rally underclassmen to their causes, and even go to war, donning family heirloom class rings signifying their status among the rich student populace, young Cyrus Connigan… Read More
(A fanfic based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki) This fan part of the long-running manga tells the story of Johana Joestar, the youngest daughter of a clan of heroes that protect the world from the supernatural threats. Three years after rejecting her destiny and running away from home,… Read More
After uncovering the remnants of a total-governing operating system in the heart of East Wing City, Knightwatch Guild devises a plan to full-dive into WorldRunner and destroy it once and for all, but when a consequential fight leads to an unexpected system crash, Omuri, Vyne, Kitto and Yokumi must… Read More
The flowing fever which flared as you swung out. The blood of you and your opponent, stuck to you and your blinded eyes. The adrenaline, anguish, and action of it all- accumulate as the properties of Engagement. Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 18, 2019

An ode to Yuri manga. Read More

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Book / Science Fiction

October 08, 2019

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Kaazi is a grimy city in a distant universe, on a tech covered planet. Lifelike female androids are commonplace, and they exist for a variety of purposes. They are frequently used, and then tossed aside when a newer model is created. However, a single custom-model android has… Read More
NOTE: THIS IS THE FIFTH BOOK IN TFR SERIES - DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU’VE COMPLETED BOOKS 1-4, OTHERWISE THERE SHALL BE SPOILERS AND CONFUSION!! Not long ago, four gods had found a prophecy, and with it, five signs to mark how close it was to completion. They’ve been procrastinating… Read More
It's reviews and information on a TV show or anime. Read More
It shows the book characters and tells about them. Read More

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This is one of those times, where trying to explain this can be more difficult that just showing you. The world is full of magic, monsters and things we either don't believe or can't believe. Would you believe me if I told you I had seen it all? I have… Read More
a bullied teen confronts his assailant, which brings surprising results. Read More

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2 Centuries ago before a World Existed there were Gods and Goddesses. Their goal was to protect their homeland from the evil and cruel gods. Those gods that were considered to be evil were called "Despot Gods". Not long until the war between both sides had began. 5 Years passed… Read More
When a disregarded toy inventor named Ghemer decides to engineer an invasion force of armed, high-tech teddy bears, it is up to Silas Hunter, a moderately-skilled local hero, to find a way to stop the onslaught by inheriting the hero alias of his father, Badbunny Havoc, and teaming up with… Read More
This is a story i just made for fun. story might not make sense. Mostly dialogue Hisato, a high schooler, just reincarnated into a magical world. God has given Hisato the task of saving the worlds. The soul lives in Akama Sachiko's body, a girl with tea green hair and… Read More

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Book / Fantasy

March 12, 2019

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A world where magical humans struggle to survive where humans despise them based on the past of three magical humans that started a war. A group of these magical humans discover they hold the key to ending the hatred between humans and magical humans all while two magical humans that… Read More
The 6th Holy Grail War... Seven Heroes of Legend, some you've seen and some new to the eye. Seven Summoners, commanding one servant of each class... Saber, a Master of the Sword Archer, a Master of projectile warfare Lancer, a Master of the… Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 09, 2019

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On the outskirts of a bustling technological city of dreams that never sleep, lies a relatively quiet suburban town called Chelsy. The year is 2045 in a slightly more advanced society. Rin an ordinary ambiverted gamer, along with his friends, awaits a delayed sequel to a game made by the… Read More
Nagatshi Kai is on a journey to find the leader of the Shadow resistance. On his way, he ends up making some new friends. He strives to protect those he cares about. Come along as a story of magic, and swords unfold. Read More

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For the plague children, life was a continuous and harsh struggle. However, everything changed when Ora acquired the relic. Unknowingly, he activated it and threw the world in disarray with a display of its might. As sabers rattle and greed drowns out reason only one thing remains certain. The earth… Read More
A TOURNAMENT OF SORCERERS... AND THE MISFIT WHO ENTERED IT. Ever since she was a little girl, Lucy Hardtvelt has wanted to attend the same academy of magic her mother had graduated from, as well as compete in the same, famous Sorcerer's Tournament hosted there every year. And finally, after… Read More
All is not as it seems. African-American teen Chris Fenmore and the rest of his high school are tricked into entering an AI-built virtual world known as The FREY along with senior high-school students from around the country. While inside, the Candidates are subjected to different challenges at the hands… Read More

Book / Romance

December 30, 2018

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She was all alone. Cold. Isolated. Starved. Everyday she clung onto her life as if it meant something. But why? Read through this story to discover the life of Liana. Read More
forced to attend Mimi's school for monsters, Kori, a human meets all kinds of strange and unusual creatures all while dealing with Mimi’s obvious crush on him. Read More
This is it. It's all or nothing. Read More

Book / Fantasy

November 26, 2018

She was called a freak and a monster. She was abused by man and women alike. All because of her uncommon friendship with a small butterfly. One day however, tragedy happened and she was given a curse. A curse to never die. a curse to have powers that seem good… Read More

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