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Near a remote mountain mining village an infant is left in a circle of blue magical flames. Drawn to the fire the villagers find this infant and see that she is a Terran, a soul reincarnated from a different world, earth. this child, which the villagers named Salis, decide to… Read More
This is simple story about a person's life turning upside down in a magical world. Read More
A battle between chosen heroes against the demon lords. When the heroes fell, new one arise. When the demon lords vanquished, others took it's place. A never ending war between the good and the bad. Light vs. Darkness. The never ending cycle. A man somehow found himself in such a… Read More
A young man wakes up in a world he's not familiar with and a woman he also doesn't know is with him too. The thing is though, the woman bleeding profusely. However will this man survive and help this woman survive also? Read More
Ren Mortel, now having the powers of six different gods, must obtain the powers of the other Arcanas in order to protect all of his important people, and the world itself, against the beings who called themselves [Gods], and the people who wants to kill his beloved little sister… Read More
“Is it really fun to go to another world?" A strange phenomenon happened inside a classroom where the students are transferred into another world. ...for this thing to happen outside of Japan? The students were given special abilities while in another world, except our protagonist. Can this situation lead… Read More
A well educated and physically fit man from earth who have lost everything in a tragedy. With nothing to live for he turn to the dark art, hoping to find a spell or curse that actually work so he can have his revenge on the people that cause him… Read More

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July 31, 2017

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This story talks about the many hardships that "Elizabeth Lockwood " encounters in her quest to find her origins. Love, betrayal ,fantasy , supernatural .... what will happen to Elizabeth? What is her true identity ? Where does her power come from? And who are her true parents? Read More
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