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It has been well documented that male Emperor penguins in Antarctica huddle together all winter long to keep their eggs warm while female penguins are away finding food. What goes on in the heads of the huddled penguins all that time? This story about two penguins BlubberKing and Fatso,… Read More
I hope this is not still a dream for all. We love Earth for utmost creators gifts. Let us sustain this happy feet that give a tale unknown for all cherished blessing we may sustain. Finally may our cause be its mission to live a story we may be evergreen… Read More

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June 11, 2016

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About the 1915 sinking of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton's ship Endurance Read More
Piece together the history of the colony of New Hope Atnarctica told through the writing of its own inhabitants...and other entities. Read More
A story of the last few minutes of suffering, but saying too much will give the story away. Read More
Ambre was not the only survivor of the incident on Platoa. Find out what happens days after the previous part as we now follow the story of Ruger and Sasha, two security guards, as they fight for their lives. (I am fully aware that there are typos in this. I… Read More
This is a short story I hope to include in a compilation of short stories, later. It is about a filming crew that is sent to Antarctica to film a documentary on penguins... Read More
Kathidy Icy-youmenns is 14 and her mom just died. Her Grandma, Jay, has Alzheimer. Nevertheless, she loves her cool father, Leonardo. However, Leonardos' mood changes as he is asked by his not-so friendly boss to go to Antarctica and do a report on Global Warming. 'Remember make it good, it's… Read More
Wrote this back in 2007 and it was the winning short story in a science competition. It's also one of the most risky - in terms of its ideas - stories I've ever written. Read More
I have a vague idea of where this story is going to go and i wanted to put it up and see what other writers thought of it basically its about a Meteorologist called Beckett who is stationed in Antarctica with 27 other people life is routine until Beckett's Ex… Read More
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