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A book based on my journals from January 22, 2001 through January 21, 2009, the Bush Years. It covers politics, religion, antrhax, 9-11, terrorism, family life, and being a have not that lives in a rich town of 3 story houses with double income professional families. Read More
Jacob has to make a moral choice about whether to stand idly by while a ginger is bullied, or whether to stand idly by while his brother is bullied and Mayor Sarandon promotes the 2024 Olympics in Hansbay bid through the mail Read More
Ethan and Kimberly begin to tighten their belts as they run into financial troubles, it pisses Ethan off when Rob does not say thank you for any of Ethan’s favors and Jacob and Ross make a terrible mistake Read More
Alright, here is a second list. Since people were suggesting a bunch of other bands, I am glad to have known that people liked it! I'm glad to say that I fit in more classic bands onto this one, both old and new. I found this one also very funny,… Read More
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