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The Review Chain House

A girl goes to see her idol and finds him to be different than expected. Read More

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May 31, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

A short novella on the anthropology of solitude Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Two brothers spend time with their old dog. Read More
In this essay I try to dismantle the "logic" behind homophobia, from a survivalist point of view (my own deffinition of survivalism, the biological sense, not the paranoid group of people who are constantly preparing for disasters). Its contents may serve as armament for the knight against homophobia, as simple… Read More
How did apes become human? Read More

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Egypt is in Africa, but were the ancient Egyptian people and culture really of indigenous African origin? I make the case that they were using evidence from biological and cultural anthropology and archaeology. I wrote this as a paper for my South African History class at UCSD. It earned a… Read More
Organized religion, in its various identities, has bestowed mankind with a set of ethical standards by which to live, and the structure of organized religions has allowed for those paradigms to be passed through generations. Even though religion defies scientific sense, over the years it has become a very large… Read More
It is rising within me. Ba-tik-di. The tightening of the stomach, these yawns that shake the body; a slow heat vibrating up the length of the spine. Ah, the shivering, the ecstasy! The gentle acupuncture, these needles that prick the skin into gooseflesh; the cold hot freezing warmth of it… Read More
For those wishing to understand the emerging field of molecular anthropology, and how it applies to the early history of North America, this is a great introductory text. Read More
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