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Obama is truly the Anti-Christ A creature from Satan's dark domain, "All hope is lost now to the night!" That's what the devil's son proclaims. Read More
This is the 1st of a two poem series. In case I haven't made it plain enough who the anti-Christ in real life is; the 2nd poem NSA will spell it out! Read More
Time to be a hero and fight back against DARPA’s soulless terrorists and mind-controllers in charge of most so-called democratic countries today! Read More
A journal of the truth according to the Upright One, the Awakened One, who has been raised up in spirit from the death of the spirit to the life after. A book of enlightenment, to bring light to many. The word of the True God, to the reconciliation of the… Read More
This book provides full understanding of what monothiesm and polytheism actually is- Believe in One God or many gods, and describe what the prophets has what the Anti-Christ is and then on into even deeper levels of Anti-Matter. Read More
A poem about the push on humans to do evil deeds. Read More
A poem based off the Book of Revelation. Nothing more, nothing less. Read More
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