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The Ongoing Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima, Japan, and the Culpability of the United States in the Destruction of the Pacific Ocean Read More
I Was Just Wondering Why More Christians Aren't Protesting in the Streets Against War and Injustice Instead of Abortion and Gay Marriage Read More
This is a poem that I wrote for a contest in school last year. Didn't win, but haha! Read More

Article / War and Military

April 21, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

This essay is antiwar. If you think this subject may bother you because of personal opinion...Please do not read. If an opinion does not bother you than by all means...Read! I love everybody on here for their honesty. Enjoy and be honest. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

There is some bad words in this one. I apologize in advance. If you are a youngster please do not read. I rated it R for language. I wanted to express anger for how veterans can be treated and the lasting results of war. I grew up in a damaged… Read More

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The Oeuvre Coterie House

This is an older poem. I wrote it seventeen years ago. It, by far, is one of the darkest I ever wrote. Read More
Birmingham. Delano. Chicago. Kent State. War. The Environment. Worker Exploitation. Hippies. Yippies. Cops and politicians. People were singing. People were marching. People were protesting. The news media reported, editorialized, lampooned, misreported, and scornfully dismissed the new social movements forged from alienation. And then the revolution of the 1960s evolved into… Read More
A poem about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read More
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