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A Krasue or Ahp is a malevolent spirit of a woman, usually young and beautiful, with her internal organs hanging down from the neck, trailing below the head. Since it has no lower body this spirit hovers in the air above the ground. The organs below the head include a… Read More

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Danielle, the once easily considered smart child, has dropped. To an NH. Yes, like Jody. She's left her bff, Latoya, in the AP1 with Rochelle the friend stealer--but there are perks. For...Charlie's an NH, too. She has a year, her last year in a co-ed school, to get Charlie. And… Read More
Multiple Choice Review Questions For Chapter 3 AP Biology Biology by Sylvia S. Madar, 7th edition. Read More
Chicka19 and I (Alice) have both been plagued with evil summer homework... and so we decided to write this short and hopefully humorous story! Justice is served. Read More

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I would like to share a story of my out of body experience, which became a huge turning point in my life of how a devoted Catholic, turned Spiritual, began a journey of an astounding new world. A story related to the astral plane and the spiritual realms. Read More
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