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How Apartheid gave birth to Xenophobia Read More
A poem about the tragic Apartheid regime which took control of a mass society in South Africa. The poem also links it back to modern time struggles which the entire world faces. Read More
Putting my thoughts down in writting about growing up in the apartheid era in South Africa. Read More
Observations from my youth. Growing up under apartheid as a white boy. Read More
This is an inspiring, authorized biography of a boy 'who wouldn't amount to much', who grew up in post WW2 Troy, upper New York State in the US. It is about the personal demons he battled and overcame to become a leader. Also, it touches on the lives of those… Read More

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This is an essay I wrote after work one evening after reading through some news stories of the day. South Africa has a history of racial segregation I felt that currently we are subject to a new form of segregation. We are being segregated by economic class as opposed to… Read More
My novel, set in South America, tells the story of the imprisonment of an esteemed, native political prisoner during a period of high tension between indigenous and mixed-race populations. The story is told through the various viewpoints of the prisoner's jailors and interrogators. This novel was inspired when five men… Read More
The real story behind the three-billion-year-old Out of Place Objects found in Klerksdorp while the author was running a roadhouse and playing practical jokes on the Klerksdorp Kultur Klub (No Relation) with his advertising manager. Read More
An inspiring true story about an incredible little girl who defies all expectations with an unyielding faith in God. This story highlights the life of the five year old child I met at an orphange in a poverty striken township inside of South Africa. For the first time the story… Read More

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August 10, 2012

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Child feeling hurt, despair, sadness, anger in the midst of an apartheid and genocide. "for all children oppressed, forgotten, can't afford to cry" Suggestions/comments welcome. Read More
This is a poem I wrote when I was 14 years old about Nelson Mandela who struck a chord with me from a very early age. Read More
A young man serves his country in the middle of the Cold War. The war ends, but his internal war never ends. Those he fought against become his rulers, and he spends the next 20 years of his life realising that this enemy was, indeed, worth fighting. Read More
This is a short english assignment on my choise of subjebt apartheid, it contains basic history about ANC and the sharpeville massacre aswell as a book analysis/reviw on "the cry of Winnie Mandela" by Njabulo S. Ndebele. I´m not sure about rating but the history of apartheid is a blood… Read More
Their love was not allowed or considered appropriate. Set during the Apartheid years in South Africa. Read More
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