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ATF: Deep Six, is the first book in the ATF series. This story is about the beginning of the aftermath of the Flash. This is the first conflict,in awhile, and the longest the US and PRT will get for a long time. Read More

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Have you always wondered what would happen to a clan if a unknown disease struck them? How would the strong warriors react? Would the clan fall apart in the turmoil or would it remain strong? In this story, we will follow four cats, each with their own… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The tale of two masochistic lovers. Read More
This salesperson has a wheel made by the government that has all 50 states on it. Hawaii is now a kill zone and there is a button on the wheel that rigs it to land on Hawaii. Palazzio, the salesperson, presses it depending on whether he likes the person… Read More
When the Victorian vicar Cedric Medowcroft makes the mistake of insulting a satanic spiritualist he is cursed and sent on a journey into a parallel universe dominated by evil, destruction and the WALKING DEAD. Read the diary of an ordinary man's descent into a nightmarish new world... Read More
Mark's world was turned upside down by the news, The governor nuking California, his and his sister's home. The apocalypse arriving in three days. No contact with their parents or anyone, too far for anybody to save them now. Power is scarce, Food is hard to find, Help, fat chance...… Read More

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October 31, 2015

On September 21, 2006, the dead arose from their sleep. On September 29, 2006, people started to panic. On September 30, 2006, civilization collapsed, fast. By October 30, 2006, 90% of the population had been wiped out. It's December 24, 2013, and the world has gone to hell. Read More
Something I wrote at 1am whilst listening to sad Piano music, an old man stands on a roof, thinking about life after his wife dies. Read More
The Historians were a group of thinkers who documented erasures of history by the government. Read More

Book / Horror

September 24, 2013

The year is 2015 civilisation as you know it is gone, your neighbour is trying to gnaw your face off, you are scavenging for breakfast how long can you last in this gripping tale? Join Tate Barker as he embarks on a journey to find answers to who killed his… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Aboard The Galazy Narver, a mutiny is occuring, but it may not be who the captain thinks. Read More
teenager Jane doe wakes up in a desolate factory with no memory or recollection as to how she got there. She doesn't know who she is and there is only small whisperers from her past in her memory. She must survive in this new post- apocolyptic world. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Myths aren't just myths, are they? What if they were true? What if they decided it was time for Earth to come to an end? And as the world crumbles to pieces, a group stands up to power. Sometimes the least-expected can become just the person you need. Fifteen-year-old Amethyst… Read More
Alix is a 15 year old girl living in her school. Her world has been taken over by zombies and the only people left are the 300 or so living with her in the school. When Mr.Bates, her old maths teacher who now rules the community suggests a raid take… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A Dystopia future where something rules the Earth than humans, a small community of people are oblivious to the horrors outside their lives... for now... Read More
Just some thoughts on the end of the world Read More
A soldier realising that he's got nowhere to hide, and that he's not going home. Read More
A group of young teens find themselves fighting for survival against the undead that wander the earth. Comedy, Gore, and excitement throughout. Read More
Bunch of teenagers find themselves trying to survive in a world full of zombies. Comedy, gore, and action throughout. Read More
Emma, her boyfriend, and her friends went to the beach. Officers arrived at the beach and took them to a station to check if they had a disease that was spreading fast throughout the nation. Emma must find all of her frineds that she lost in a crazy crowd and… Read More
I started writing about being the only person left alive in the world. I stopped writing it after only two chapters, I don't think I liked it very much. The concept still intrigues me two years later, so I think I might try again. Also, I don't think I'll use… Read More
Due to Cyril the squirrels recent success, we decided to write a sequel. Thanks to our readers :D Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

November 10, 2011

Humans and elfs hate eachother. But what happens when a halfling stumbles into a rebellion camp and discovers that she may be more than she seems? Read More

Book / Fantasy

August 08, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

A little girl is born to a family, ordinary in every way, but she is born with strange birth-marks that are almost like tattoos. What are they? What do they mean? Why does little Fate seem so....STRANGE? All will be answered, my friends. Read More
A journey into the dark origins of fear and hopelesness. One man's account of the world and the events of his life. A story of a man never tiring in his search for knowledge and wisdom at the expense of his own sanity and serenity. In his search for truth,… Read More
The Ophelia's are aliens that came to Earth suddenly in UFOs, wanting to take humans and use their bodies as their own to live. There are millions, all with powers and the ability to control fire, and guard dogs. Tray lost his sister, Ginger, to one of them, and is… Read More
This is a story that’s based on events that are talked about in the book of Revelations in the Bible. The end days are among us. They are closer than we think. We see them everyday. Not many people or church’s like to discuss this topic, but it’s one many… Read More
This is a story about two young lovers who find themselves in a world that is dying. Zombies and demons walk the streets. The group of the two lovers and some of their family search for survivors but... will THEY survive? Read More
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