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"We are living examples of battered hearts wounded by a world that's cruelty is unyielding." Read More
The world’s last functioning metropolis is ravaged by a perpetual downpour from a polluted sky. Within it, Akio Yowamushi escapes through his addiction: The Haven System; a computerized utopia that houses the mysterious Girl in the Garden. But when Akio begins experiencing visions of the Girl in distress in the… Read More
This is for the short story contest by klopopop1416. The idea is inspired by a group of friends. Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 05, 2014

Seven devils falls like a cold rain! Read More
A massive solar flare, bigger then any scientist could have predicted, raveges earth, leaving survivors to contend with unfriendlies and crazies. A short read as a prelude to more in the future... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It was supposed to be a regular day for the world. The wind blew threw the branches and the sky was a perfect blue with only a hint of clouds making it another beautiful day. And it was, up until the point the turning happened. The virus spread faster than… Read More
America has been a nuclear wasteland for almost a century now. And for the people living in the ruins, it feels like they are the only one's left. That is, untill people start seeing "UFOs", helicopters and other aircraft is spotted flying over Nuke Land from time to time. Most… Read More
i haven't checked over this properly, it may have a lot of mistakes. Read More

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