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This book is not only about the truth behind the Jesus legend, but also the background of our world's present state - the pandemic. The false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices of the old religions prepared the footsteps in which the pharmaceutical industry has been stepping for a long time, ever… Read More
This is the so far final part of 'Our World In Transition', a concentrated version of 'Looking At The Year 2020'. It is the year in which the greatest healing miracle of all times that was ever experienced on the Earth is taking place and every one of us is… Read More
The Aquarian age is the age in which honesty and truth will gradually establish themselves as our world’s true ruling principles. This book celebrates the return of the Great Mother’s love, wisdom and truth. For a long time it has been waiting to flow into ever more human hearts and… Read More
I believe that nothing that ever happens on the earthly plane is an accident or coincidence, or maybe is something that’s due to either good or bad fortune. There is no such thing. Everything is part of God’s great evolutionary plan and serves the wise higher dual purpose of teaching… Read More
Greetings beloved friends and siblings in the great family of humankind, wherever you may be. Every day that passes will bring you another short message from the living God within me. God bless and all the best to you and your loved ones during these trying times. I hope my… Read More
This book is about the spiritual background of some of the events of our world and why they are happening during the challenging time of transition from one age to the other. Part eight concentrates on the spiritual background of the 2019/2020 pandemic, as well as the troublemakers who brought… Read More
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