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This is an Arabic Novel by a Kuwaiti writer that I find interesting so I translated part of it. If you like it I will continue translating the rest of it. Read More
Optimysticism is a short story from the point of view of Shams, a homeless youth struggling with love, hunger, realizations, and turning from a miserable one to a content optimist with a better understanding of love and well-being. You can find this short story and review it on Read More

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A short story I wrote a while back for a lit class in high school, I chose to wrote about Palestine. Read More
A piece I wrote comparing cooking a traditional Middle Eastern dish to teaching. Read More
Language patterns in Arabic are very different to language patters in English, therefore, in the beginning it can be confusing for people whose mother tongue is Arabic to grasp the pattern that varies so much from their own. Read More
this article talks about arab revolutions and the questions we have to ask ourself before doing anything and even planning for a big revolution. Read More
zaffa is theWedding Celebrations in all Middle Eastern countries have included the presence of a dancer acting as high priestess in pre Islamic times with ceremonial functions blessing the Bride and Groom. the people present a dancer to bring the Wedding Couple into the reception room to their guests. This… Read More
a very short story,talks about man refused life over his earth so he left it and flied to sky and search for his life. the story belongs to a the collection of stories book " while we take a peek" Read More
Warning: This book is not for everyone! Please only read if you're interested in the Cthulhu Mythos. This is a Grimoire (I'm not responsible for any damage to the mind, you choose yourself to read the content here). Read More

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