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Plugged in for over 25 years, arcade character Scott Derry from Talladega GP Championship is finally beginning to wish for a change from his usual days of racing at Talladega. His old game isn't attracting as many people as it used to, so he figures that for one day, he… Read More
A Sci-Fi Action story about the tale of a heroic highly advanced robot, who can regenerate himself after damage. Read More
14 year-old Zach goes to a old arcade for the first time. When he dose,he and his friends find a old copy of Super Mario Bros with a NES untouched. After they left the old,abandoned arcade,Zach goes back the next day and steals Mario and the NES! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A Cyberpunk serial novel about a mysterious, Yakuza-run arcade where the rewards are large and the stakes are high. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In an ill-fated world where a corrupt government dominates its people; one does not find freedom in faith. Elin, daughter of Abraham, the steward of Cyprus; is chosen for the annual sacrifice. When her childhood friend Isaac, takes her place at the sacrificial stone, will she defy the government, the… Read More
Short Story. Read More
During the Golden Age of video games, a bug provided one kid with unforgettable entertainment. Read More
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