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Lee and Hope mission race to find Mjolnir before The Blue Phoenix in an adventure that takes them across the globe. Read More
This story is written by my friend, Frosty Note, i'm posting it with his permission. So: this is NOT my story but i did NOT steal it. A young boy with the dream to follow his father's footsteps, but what happens when the father goes missing? Will he carry on… Read More
Amelia Harris had no idea what she was getting herself into. While on a trip to Cairo, the archeologist dug up a very interesting artifact. Now wandering through an ancient world filled with enchanting gypsies, hilarious thieves and a tyrant pharaoh, Amelia and her younger brothers must stop an evil… Read More
A quest to find the elixir of youth, the secret to immortality. A romantic adventure that will sweep you into a multicultured world of mystery. Read More
Another very short story, one that was going to be the basis of a longer story. It's a story of an archeologist and his find in Egypt. Read More
Simcha J., the "Naked Archeologist", recently released a two-hour video called "Decoding the Exodus". Read More
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