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This story follows a child who ran away , until they met a man who revived and animal they killed to survive.This story has no antagonist currently its main goal is to give a little hope to the reader, and avoid a lot of grimness of reality, and help… Read More
Seth had been dragged across the atlantic ocean from Los Angeles to Ireland. There he meets pretty girl, a vampire that wants him dead, and on top of it all, he may be the servant of an evil god that took over the world in the middle ages. Oh, What… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Aris finds herself alone in a warehouse with a stranger named ryan who can shift into a black wolf.she doesnt know how she got there but shes pretty sure ryan knows and is keeping secrets. Read More
The two wolf packs of Fidicow Meadow have lived in peace and harmony for centuries. Thats all about to change. A cruel hearted pack comes in. Its not any ordinary pack, its the size of two packs put together. They plan to take over, they also plan to do more… Read More
Ambrosine has always thought of others before herself, but as she slowly learns of more people, bad and good, she has to choose between herself or her friends. Obvious answer, right? Think again. Her new friends aren't at all Dante, Ari and Valencia enter her life Ambrosine might just… Read More

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August 10, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

I wrote this for My love Ari Read More
ummmm...these arent really my feelings, since my lovely lady says she loves me evryday, but someone i know wanted me to write this. its for her boyfriend and i figure, since i wrote it, i might as well post it. here ya go! enjoy! Read More
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