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Three princesses. Three curses. One adventure. Rapunzel's magic hair spontaneously grows back, Ariel regains her mermaid tail, and winter returns to Arendelle. One year after their most meaningful trials and triumphs, something has taken away what they worked so hard to gain. As they leave the safety of their own… Read More

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A free form poem brought on by wishing for that happy ending that has evaded me. Read More

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"Jem another Gem????So tortured. This comes from a genuine place of pain. " Read More

Many of us SAO fans thought that the first half of the first series was the most interesting one but it didn't get the detailed passing from a level to another and focused more on the main chars and their 'love life'. Hopefully the new Light Novel series Sword Art… Read More

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When powers surface and the one you love is taken, what would you do to get them back? Ariel is an 18 year old witch, who is destined for amazing things. She has spent her life hiding who she is to protect those she loves and when it all comes… Read More

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Ariel and Ren seems to have it all. After all, they were in love and nothing could damage love. But when a familiar visitor shows up, will Ren be able to protect Ariel? Read More

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Anaxandria had survived a freak drunk driving accident. After the accident her life begins to fall apart. Anaxandria rarely talks about the accident with anyone including her friends who are survivors; even the ones who weren't in the car. Anaxandria is still picking up the pieces of her life from… Read More

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A short story inspired by a twitter post that I might add to in the future. Read More

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Hundreds of kids in the small city of Racine are infected by a chemical leak in the water. The chemicals altered the kids DNA and made them super powerful. The government captured the 'Genomes' and performed horrible tests on them. They locked them up For a year. Now Brett and… Read More

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A twist on the beloved "The Little Mermaid" tale. What if when Ursula took Ariel's voice, there was no time limit on when Eric had to kiss Ariel? Ursula simply takes it so that she can use Ariel's beautiful voice as her own until when/if Eric falls in love with… Read More

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February 24, 2012

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Sky Blackwell is moving and she hates it. She hates it so much that a vow has been made: she will never speak to her parents again and she will hate every living minute of it. No further discussion. However, Sky wasn't expecting to have someone put things into perspective.… Read More
This is a story I wrote a few years ago that is a twist on the classic tale of The Little Mermaid (I have a book called Twisted Tales that I'm writing, all of the stories in which are similar in writing style to this one). I entered it in… Read More
Part 4 of Sucky Myth Life. Sorry for the delay. Read More
Why does stuff like this always happen to us and it only started since we were 13 I mean come on it isn't normal to team up with...creatures, and find out we are half-bloods! Read More

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February 02, 2011

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Rich girl Ariel falls in love with commoner Nate and wishes to marry him with or without her father’s wishes.... Ariel’s father forces her to get to know Chris, fall in love with him and eventually marry him...but can love be forced? Who will Ariel choose? Chris, a childhood enemy… Read More

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The most wanted demon you’re also hunting you... Naomi, a leader-in-training for the demon hunter group, Tristitia, doesn’t remember her past, and her mentor, Sebastian, refuses to let her in on what her life was before she was transformed into a demon hunter. On top of having to tolerate… Read More
..It's about people who wait for blessings to just fall in their lap & actually think they deserve it...You can't have good things come to you in life when you don't do anything at all...Plus I think the harvest is sweeter when you know you planted & nurtured the plant… Read More
I've always loved the little mermaid and I've always wanted to make my own version. Now I use the same names but I did cut out some characters and add one. (Anyone who has seen the little mermaid series its Urchin) The ending is so different and it makes the… Read More

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* Completed* Ariel was walking to a club when her friend got brutally murdered and raped. She ran inside and bumped into Hollywood's heartthrob Tyler Anderson. Literally! His cockey, arrogent behavier gets on her last nerves, but all he wants it to make her fall in love with him. Read More
This is my entry for Peacelovelingleton's Challenge. My character to write about was Ariel the minister's daughter from Footloose the movie. Read More
It's been a few weeks since Triton has announced that Ariel is his "adopted" daughter. The media took a few photos but the attention soon faded. At the beginning, Ariel is happy. She has everything she wants and is free to come and go as she wants. Also, she has… Read More

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November 30, -0001

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The Booksie Classic House

[COMPLETED] An entry for ItsTheNational's Modern Disney Fantasy Challenge. The challenge is to rewrite one of the Disney fairytales in modern day. This is Ariel's story. Ariel was not meant to be born. She was kept a secret, locked in her house, but one day, she ran away. *cheering sound*… Read More
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