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If you have had a look at my interpretations of the Sun signs, you may have noticed that anyone for whom astrology means horoscopes and fortunetelling is wasting their time here. But if you are interested in getting to know yourself, your predestined pathway through life and your inner motivations… Read More
My astrology has nothing to do with horoscopes and fortune-telling. It is a lifehelp and a tool for getting to know yourself and your own predestined pathway through life more intimately, as well as of the people around you. That’s what each one of my interpretations of the Sun signs… Read More
I have an interesting personality and I butt heads with people sometimes. I wrote this poem to describe myself and my actions. Read it, maybe we are a like. Read More
Inspired by the song 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' by Green Day. Don't own the song or the title of this story. This is a one-shot using one of my OCs. ***Blood and death warning.*** Read More
A quest to find the elixir of youth, the secret to immortality. A romantic adventure that will sweep you into a multicultured world of mystery. Read More
Virtual Writer 2010's Greek Myth Competition entry. :) Read More
I pretty much re-wrote this whole story. I didn't like the direction it was going before and how short it was. Here's the new version of "The Summer Of Bubble Gum". Not much has changed but I've added things and merged a few chapters together. Aries is a strong willed… Read More
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