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Meet the Unique Stars. They are an all-girl S-class asssassins team trained from young to kill anyone when asked. Each of them have a special ability and combined with their intelligence, stealth, strength and agility they are unstoppable. One day, the four girls are assign to kill… Read More
“Never forget, children,” my grandmother Eyre used to say long after her husband’s death, “your father was an aristocrat, an Eyre of Eyrecourt.” But if deeds and character count for anything, it was this lively, energetic, warmhearted, caring little woman who was the real aristocrat of the family. My grandfather,… Read More
This i just the start of a unwinding (first) story. Please let me know what you think to the introduction! Read More

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January 05, 2010

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Okay, here's a little song I once wrote. SOrry all, but this is the only thing I have to post at the moment. An After Loneliness update should be coming soon, I've just got to type it up. Cheers. Read More
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