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A work of fan fiction based on the game released by Wild Card 'Ark: Survival Evolved'. Waking up on a strange island inhabited by prehistoric Dinosaurs, Tabitha must learn how to survive. Starting with nothing but her bare hands can she make the tools that her ancestors… Read More
Basically something I have started and a little mixed tell me what you think about it Read More

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The 14 books which create the Codex of Ark give a history of the Ancient civilizations of Sunspire. From the creation, through to the "Memories of Grace". This book creates the History for a world created by John Strong. The actual Novels are still in progress but reading this will… Read More
Four friends use their imagination to recreate the Noah's Ark story of the Bible. Join Kimberly, Samuel, David, and Leah as they tell the story in their own way. Read More
The World would be purged in apocalyptic fire. Read More
Noah and his three sons discover that ark building is a very hard task. Read More

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This is one short story of others to come derived from characters my cousin and I thought of. Read More

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"I wish I were a turtle; My vulnerability invisible, My assertion retractable..." Read More
Okay, so I'm not sure what this is...It's kind of just a sad little story. Please don't bother. And it's really short. Read More

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September 17, 2008

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Sonia’s challenge, which is: write a poem using all of the following words. Apple/ale/ash/ark/ask/ape/slippery/shiver/snake/snail/slime/slice/sugar I’m going to take my shot at rhyming the words into some sort of story format relating to events that happen in my daily living activities. This is all about "Camping With My Sister" Read More

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July 27, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

another challenge, i had to write a poem using these given words :Apple,Ale,Ash,Ark,Ask,Ape,Ache,Slippery,Shiver,Snake,Snail,Slime,Slice,Sugar Read More
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