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Joker has returned and has brought the return of Arkham City. I Catwoman plan to find out and stop Joker before it is too late and make Gotham City the way it was before. Read More
A place where villians are all put in together, in a city, who will survive as theirs a dark secret lurking in Arkham City. Read More
Ubisoft has announced Acheter Far Cry 4 that should be released in November 2014 across America and Europe for a variety of gaming units like Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS 3 and 4, together with Computer. Acheter Fry Car 4 is the fourth version in the series and is slated… Read More
Kevin Mayfield just signed on for a two-week experimental stent at Arkham Asylum. His goal? Hold on to his sanity and hope to survive to write his thesis... The story itself is a work in progress, as well as the character development. This may change from a short story to… Read More
The Joker wants to know the truth, but he's not the only one. Read More
Chapter One, dont know where itll stop, but she will help him be free... Read More
It is a story with as background the board game Arkham Horror. The story is about Vincent Lee, who closed a gate to the another world preventing an ancient evil to enter the real world. Ruby however was still in that world. Vincent goes back to that other world to… Read More
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