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This is a story about the events surrounding the abduction and return of our beloved hotel cat Oreo. Read More
When nothing works, Juggernaut turns into begging people direcktly to do the right thing. Does it work? Read More
After the Lance Armstrong scandal to rock all scandals, some interesting debates raged about the ethics of 'doping'. Despite the grand scale of the debate no answers were gained . . . well then perhaps we are asking the wrong questions? Read More
Physical Evolution, Mental Evolution and Spiritual Evolution Read More
I just got this really good idea for a BJA story. Well, anyways, the main character's name is Kyleigh, she's 16, and in 11th grade with Billie. Story-version Billie Joe's is 17 and he looks exactly like he does right now in real life and Green Day has written all… Read More
When pure suburban kid, Jos, moves to the city for his dream job of working for the government, he is forced to spy on a teenage gang and join undercover. But when the one person he is sent to find and turn in turns out to be the love of… Read More
I'm going to tell you guys about the Darkest Power Series by Kelley Armstrong. This is just going to be a book review for you all. Have fun reading :) Read More
Destiny is like a ubiquitous cloud over our lives. It heavily influences the events, the decisions we make, who we spend our lives with. Destiny has always been referred exclusively to a predetermined course of events. It is believed that there is a predetermined future, whether in general or of… Read More

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The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong Read More
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