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Written: 04/04/2018 I was going through my old notebook and found this that was the last thing I wrote in it. In May I was just beginning to think that I was aro and that was hard. It was hard because a romantic relationship was something I’d always wanted, or… Read More
Katherine’s Hate Journal has many sections and sub sections. People, bugs, school, food. The biggest section, though, is cliches. Which is why she freaks out when she gets a crush on the new girl in class and every cliche in the journal starts happening in her life. Read More
Aurora ia a girl who Is trapped in a love triangle with two boys, Constellation and Mayhem. One day Aurora discovers something that shocks everyone Read More
"10 years. 10 years since Field Marshal Richards left me and my mum to join the army. 10 years since he beat us, every time he came home, for no good reason." Chloe was a 16 year old girl. She had lost both her parents and all around her there… Read More
My hands are plunged in a darkness- I am cursed by my own skin. The sky shines in the scars that adorn me. One slash, one line for each time I was betrayed. But there is a story to be told of a boy, an adventure, of triumph and of… Read More
Lilly Wolfe, 18 and just out of college is now engaged to her childhood friend, Jules Knightly. It was a choice made long before she could grasp the concept of marriage and now she is stuck in this union. Only problem is, Jules is an Aromantic young man with Sociopathic… Read More
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