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Featured Review by LE. Berry

"Interesting piece Shirley..." Read More

Featured Review by Steven du Preez

"Hi Shirley Its good to read about persons caring so much about these issues that they actually write essays about it. I very much liked the sto..." Read More

this is an article that i submitted for my high school student-run newspaper, "tartan times". the article, published in the spring of 2019, focused on the government shutdown and how it could affect public schools. References Associated Press. (2019, January 16). Trump on shutdown: 'We'll be out for a long… Read More

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An article about lying in our modern society and how we have become dependant on the ability to tell a fib. Read More
article on reality tv shows effect on our society. Read More
An initiative by the PoeTREE Foundation to help the audience of New Age Enlightenment to better understand the poems published under the movement. Read More
A essay on the new feminist horror movie "Black Christmas", (2019). Read More
We are fed what they want to feed us. True or false? Read More
Human potential is far greater than most people realize. Limiting beliefs and biases stifle the creativity needed for anyone to reach the lofty heights of success. Read More
Some of my observations about modern society. Read More
An article I was inspired to write after thinking back to how we treat each other in school depending on our friendship groups. Read More
An article inspired by the issues in the modern education system and students individual creativity. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An article I was inspired to write after a trip to South Korea. Read More
I wrote this article with respect to Pakistan Read More
In this short article, I discuss the history of how 4/20 began. Read More
A brief article of journalist Benjamin Harris and the first newspaper printed in America titled "Publick Occurences Both Foreighn and Domestick." Read More
A free verse poem of seeking bliss. Read More
I am going through a bad time at the moment and because of what it is, how it can effect others I believe I need to write about it and let the tragedy that is the Department of Work and Pensions handling of the unemployed be known. Please share… Read More

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December 27, 2017

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December 26, 2017

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