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This is an essay on equality and diversity. Read More
------------------------------- ''FUCK THE FASCIST POLICE ! '' ----------------- REST IN GORGEOUS, ETERNAL BEAUTY and PEACE, DONOVAN ! '' ------------------- Justice for DONOVAN LEWIS' MURDER ! ----------- The Murdering Police kill Innocent Young Boys ! ------------- '' HOW MANY MORE INNOCENT YOUNG BOYS MUST DIE ?! '' --------- (ABOLISH the POLICE… Read More
-------------- ''The POLICE ARE EVIL MURDERERS ! '' ----------- We Demand JUSTICE FOR BRYAN MATTHEW RICHARDSON's MURDER ! -------------- Stop Murdering Innocent Citizens ! ---- ( ''FUCK THE POLICE ! ''---- ------- ABOLISH THE POLICE and evil GUNS NOW !!!) ------------- Read More
It's the height of summer and ...... Read More

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Article / Romance

March 18, 2022

It's only an article about LOVE which is only my opinion and I can't wait for your feedback about it. Read More
I wrote this blog for on the 21st of February, 2022. This blog explains how ecommerce has changed the fundamentals of running a business and expands on how your future will inevitably include ecommerce. Read More
I wrote this blog for on the 14th of February, 2022. This blog outlines the subtle importance of recruiting companies in remote recruiting situations. Read More
I wrote this blog for on the 31st of January, 2022. The blog focuses on the importance of diversity in the workplace for employee morale, quality of work, external reputation, and general consumer comfort. Read More
I wrote this blog for on January 18th, 2022. This blog elaborates on how ensuring job satisfaction is an effective method to increase work productivity and quality in the workplace from different points of view. Read More
I wrote this blog for on January 10th, 2022. This blog foreshadows the digital trends coming in 2022 based on previous patterns shown in previous years and their trajectory moving forward. Read More
--------- ZELDA'S ULTIMATE FAVORITE NOVELS OF ALL TIME ! ---------- (Volume 1: Years 1300 - 1900 ) --------- An exhaustive catalogue of my most treasured and favorite novels that I own ! ----- (THERE ARE A SELECTION OF VERY RARE TITLES INCLUDED !) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a blog post about watching the content of other gamers and why I think showing our mistakes is important. Read More
I can see which way the wind is blowing, and I’m very much enjoying the breeze. :) O … Please note in the title “dumb” is my opinion, and I meant it in the strictest possible sense, in that I believe the article to be misleading (intentionally or unintentionally) and… Read More
An article about the DeFi Powered Ethereum 2 Free to Play Game Read More
this is an article that i submitted for my high school student-run newspaper, "tartan times". the article, published in the spring of 2019, focused on the government shutdown and how it could affect public schools. References Associated Press. (2019, January 16). Trump on shutdown: 'We'll be out for a long… Read More

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An article about lying in our modern society and how we have become dependant on the ability to tell a fib. Read More
article on reality tv shows effect on our society. Read More
An initiative by the PoeTREE Foundation to help the audience of New Age Enlightenment to better understand the poems published under the movement. Read More
A essay on the new feminist horror movie "Black Christmas", (2019). Read More
We are fed what they want to feed us. True or false? Read More
Human potential is far greater than most people realize. Limiting beliefs and biases stifle the creativity needed for anyone to reach the lofty heights of success. Read More
Some of my observations about modern society. Read More
An article I was inspired to write after thinking back to how we treat each other in school depending on our friendship groups. Read More
An article inspired by the issues in the modern education system and students individual creativity. Read More
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